How much does it cost to fill the tank of the best-selling cars?

After the last increase, how much does it cost to fill the tank of the best-selling cars

The president of the Chamber of Fuel Entrepreneurs, Raúl Castellano, introduced WHAT There are many late prices. “Only this year, he assured. “It’s 35% behind inflation.

How much does it cost to fill a tank in Mendoza?

A calculator allows you to estimate the cost of filling the tank of fuel for various cars at YPF prices because they are the largest producer and distributor of fuel in the country.

In Mendoza, YPF liters increased by 23% in super ($80), and in that case, the liter starts at 430 pesos, while the liter of Infinia gasoline (premium) increased by $87 per liter (19%), which comes to 526 pesos.

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In the case of diesel, the liter of Ultra Diesel is the one with the biggest increase (25%), because the liter increased by 94 pesos to 466 pesos. As for the Infinia Diesel, add 74 pesos per liter (15%), and in this case, the value of a liter is 472 pesos.

How Much Does It Cost To Fill The Tank Of The Best-Selling Cars?

If the user does not exist and knows about the capacity of your car’s fuel tank, in the case of small vans like the Renault Kangoo, Its tank has a capacity of 50 liters (it will cost $21,500 with super gasoline), or the two Stellantis products, the Peugeot Partner and the Citroën Berlingo, have a 55-liter tank. Filling it up costs $23,650 with super gasoline.

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Among the most popular car models in Argentina, the calculation gives these results:

Fiat Cronos, 48 liters, $20,640

Toyota Etios, 45 liters, $19,350

Volkswagen Polo/Gol/Trend, 55 liters, $23,650

Ford Fiesta, 45 liters, $19,350

Chevrolet Corsa/Classic, 45 liters, $19,350

Among the compact vans, to cite as examples, a Chevrolet Montana loads 44 liters ($18,929); a Renault Oroch has a 45-liter tank ($19,350); a Volkswagen Saveiro has a 55-liter tank ($23,650); a Fiat Toro has a capacity of 60 liters ($25,800); and a Ford Maverick has 64 liters ($27,520) in its tank.

Enter the midsize truck category, also known as a ton Because of their load capacity, almost all of them have the same fuel tank capacity of 80 liters.

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These are the Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Renault Alaskan, and Nissan Frontier, where filling the tank with Ultra Diesel ($466) costs $37,280.

On the other hand, the Chevrolet S10 pick-up has a 76-liter fuel tank, which will cost $35,416.