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How much training did Rey take to become a Jedi compared to Luke?

One of the big questions in Star Wars concerns Luke Skywalker and Rey’s training to become Jedi Knights.

There’s no shortage of highly critical opinion surrounding the Star Wars sequel trilogy. His films continue to generate debate even years after the end of the story, A common complaint surrounding the trilogy revolves around the character of Rey, and in particular, the impressive scope of her Force abilities. Many believe that he learned to master power very quickly. However, how long did Daisy Ridley’s character train as a Jedi compared to Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker?

One important thing to keep in mind first is your heritage. his legacy. Luke Skywalker being the son of the chosen one and the granddaughter of the most powerful Sith that ever existed… This comparison would be unfair in most cases. But, in this specific case of Star Wars, it makes things more or less fair. After all, each of these Jedi had a strong natural connection to the Force.

Skywalker’s training in the original trilogy


Luke begins his journey at the age of 19 in Star Wars: Episode IV. a new Hope. Till that time he had lived the humble life of a farmer. He claimed to be a good pilot and a good shot when killing pregnant rats in the house, but had no experience in actual fighting, After beginning his training with Obi-Wan Kenobi, he was able to deflect projectiles from the training droid while blindfolded. At the end of the film, he destroys the Death Star without the need for a targeting computer. This is something he must have criticized a lot about Ray.

The biggest difference between Luke and Rey is the length of time until the next movie., Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back takes place three years after A New Hope. It seems that the boy’s abilities have not progressed much. Although he is capable of drawing the force and fighting lightsaber, he is unable to master any of the lightsaber techniques until he meets Master Yoda. From here, his training progresses rapidly, eventually becoming a Jedi Knight a year later.

The heroine of the sequel was much better prepared than her teacher

Rey Skywalker

Rey’s upbringing plays a significant role in her abilities as a Jedi. When he is first introduced in Star Wars: Episode VII. The Force Awakens follows the life of a scavenger who has to struggle to survive. So that his lightsaber skills far exceed young luke’s, Later, when she is captured and taken to Starkiller Base, she is able to use Jedi mind tricks even before her training begins. However, the novelization of Episode VII revealed that he actually learned it when Kylo Ren tried to look into his mind.

It’s not until Star Wars: Episode VIII. They begin their training as the Last Jedi. Things slow down a bit here. Instead of teaching her flashy moves, Luke tries to show Rey how to open up to the Force and feel the flow of it. He spends some time practicing his lightsaber techniques, and at the end of the film, He can lift a huge pile of heavy rocks to save his friends, which his master couldn’t do with his X-Wing, There’s a year gap until Episode IX. There, Rey trains with Leia and reads the books of the Old Order.

Comparable conclusion between Rey and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

In short, it took about four years for Luke to become a mighty Jedi Knight, while it took just over a year for Rey to reach the same level in the Star Wars movies. It may seem like things are happening too fast for you. Although, Darth Vader’s son had to skip this training to focus on the Rebel Alliance, while he had the opportunity to focus exclusively on training full-time. That, along with his survival training, explains why he was able to learn so much faster than his teacher.

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