How much will they receive and from what day?

 How much will they receive and from what day?  - The financial

The Government of Mexico has released details about the delivery of the bonus for State workers corresponding to the 2023 fiscal year.

Through the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), the AMLO government disclosed that this year the bonus of public officials is equal to 40 days of their salary.

Likewise, they stated that various agencies, state secretaries and other public organizations will give bonuses to their workers starting Monday, November 13.

The maximum deadline for granting this benefit is Wednesday, December 20 of the current year.

The order published on Monday, October 30, also indicates that government agencies are obliged to deliver the proportional part of the bonus to workers who provide their services, in the year 2023, for a period of no one year.

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How to calculate the bonus?

Based on the document, public servants can calculate how much bonus they will pay by dividing their monthly salary by 30.

The result should be multiplied by 40.

Bonus payments must be sent directly to interested parties in the same way that their ordinary views are covered; that is, in the same account where they receive their salary.

In the case of pensioners, the corresponding amount can be covered by their representatives, since they always collect the corresponding pension.

Which bureaucrats will receive this bonus?

  • Public servants of federal agencies, including: Trusted operational personnel Liaison and command personnel Mexican Foreign Service personnel on duty in national territory and abroad Active military personnel Individuals hired under in the compensation regime
  • ISSSTE pensioners
  • Military pensioners
  • Veterans of the Revolution with pension granted by ISSSTE
  • Personnel in other categories authorized by the SHCP
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Who is not entitled to the bonus?

The decree indicates that natural persons hired under the regime of special payment according to the Classifier by Object of Expenditure for the Federal Public Administration are not entitled to a bonus, as well as those covered by payments for any concept not provided in Article Five.of the decree.