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 How to activate the real

WhatsApp continues to be one of the applications with the most functions today, even beating Telegram. With it you can send the classic round videos, which cause a feeling, as well as prevent your friends from taking a screenshot of your lost photos or videos.

But there is a trick to activate the unique “ghost mode” of WhatsApp, which will make all your friends cringe and think that you have blocked them. What should be done? Well here we will tell you everything you need to do.

Of course, there is no need to download any third-party applications or modified APKs to get the “ghost mode” trick.

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How to activate “ghost mode” in WhatsApp

  • Hide your information and your name: To leave it completely empty, it is necessary to use the transparent WhatsApp emoji. To get it you must enter this link. You just need to copy and paste it into the Info and app name spaces.
  • Deleting your profile picture: Deleting the profile picture or leaving it alone for you to view is another step you need to take. This will prevent your friends from seeing your selfie or any number you post.
  • Keep read receipts: You should also keep the double blue check when they write to you. That way, your message will remain only in the gray checks.
  • Hide your last connection time and when you are “online”: To do this you must go to WhatsApp, then enter Settings, in that area just click on Privacy. There you should see the function to hide both elements. Click on it and then you have to make sure no one sees them and that’s it.
  • Hide by writing: To use this trick, you need to deactivate the Wi-Fi connection and the data on your mobile device. After that you need to reply to the WhatsApp message. It will stay put. When you’re done writing, close the app and turn the internet back on.
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The guide to activate the Meta AI shortcut in WhatsApp

  • First, enter the WhatsApp beta program for Android.
  • Now, press the icon of your profile picture (it’s on the top right).
  • Find and click on the section that says “Chats”.
  • Finally, turn on the switch labeled “Show Meta AI Button.”
  • Return to the main interface and you will notice that the AI ​​shortcut appears.