How to beat Garangolam in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces some new monsters for players to capture, hunt, and kill valuable resources like large herbivore bones.

One of the latest additions to the monster roster is Garangolam, a terrifyingly intimidating gorilla. But it is unique; In addition to being as tall as a three-story house, Garangolam is also armored to the teeth.

It’s a formidable foe, considering it’s one of Elgado’s “Three Lords,” the latest location added with new features. But it has weaknesses.

Monster Hunter Rise: Guide to Defeat Garangolam, One of the Three Lords in Sunbreak


In order to effectively hurt Garangolam, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak players will need to bring:

  • a weapon that deals blunt damage (like a hammer)
  • Any item that deals Blast, Fire, or Thunder damage

This is the minimum to damage Garangolam. Also, a side note: Avoid using spores as Garangolam has resistance to them. For example, stick to dealing the most damage rather than inflicting paralysis.

garangolam will use its entire body and environment to harm predators. It slams its fists, body slams, throws stones, and charges with its chin. Garangolam can also raise his hands to deal elemental damage.

Unfortunately, defeating Garangolam means attacking his arms and head, which can cause most problems for hunters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Its hind legs and body must be avoided because of the high defense.

Here are some tips to keep in mind during a fight:

  • Use wirebug as often as possible; Garangolam is faster than it looks
  • Do not attack Garangolam from the front
  • Dodging thrice removes faults

A great opportunity to hurt Garangolam in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is when it strengthens its arms. These form temporary armor which, if broken, will cause Garangolam to fall over.

This is the perfect time to bang your head a few times before it heals.

What gear to bring to defeat Garangolme?


As mentioned earlier, a good weapon that deals blunt damage would be ideal, preferably one that deals blunt and elemental damage. Both brake revolver+ And Super Nova+ There are great options.

The former deals fire damage and the latter deals thunder damage. Higher Pronger Hammer Also a good option, as it deals blast damage.

Now, Garangolam will deal a massive amount of physical damage. After all, this is a giant armored gorilla.

However, its fists each have their own elemental attacks, one of which is fire and the other is water. Fist of Garangolam can cause waterblight and fireblight. For defense, fire resistance and water resistance, we suggest:

  • Basario X Armor Set: purely to protect
  • Pukei-Pukei X Armor Set: If you prefer water resistance
  • orangutan armor set: If you prefer fire resistance

For solo runners, now’s a great time to bring along one of the many followers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Even if it’s AI-controlled, some help is better than no help at all.

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