How to clean bathroom tiles when they have limescale and are yellow?

How to clean bathroom tiles when they have limescale and are yellow?

Keeping our bathroom clean may seem very complicated, but it is not. One of the basic tips for you bathroom It stays cleaner longer if you’ve kept it ventilated, but there are other cleaning tips you can implement; Especially on tiles, an area where they become very obvious when dirty, as they begin to accumulate to make fun of and they put Yellow,

If you’ve tried everything and can’t get the tartar and dirt off your mosaics And they have also lost their color because it was hidden under the tartar, now it is time you wash it thoroughly. you just need hydrogen peroxide And with that ingredient it will immediately regain its color and look more beautiful but above all clean.

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How to clean bathroom tiles when they are limescale and yellow?

If your tiles are already in place Yellow and they have to make fun of Now it’s definitely time for you to clean them thoroughly. The only thing you will need is hydrogen peroxide A fine bristle brush so you can clean it off once the ingredient has worked its magic, and use a cotton or microfiber flannel to dry.

  1. Place one and a half cups of hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray on areas where there is excess tartar accumulation.
  3. Wait 20 minutes after adding enough hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Wash with liquid dish soap and rinse with running water. The scale will be easily removed once the hydrogen peroxide takes effect.
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Benefits of using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning

Although he hydrogen peroxide It is a chemical compound that works to heal wounds and protect them from infection, it is also a great ally to deep clean our home, but not only that, it is a disinfectant Very effective, especially on tiles and mosaics. Due to its properties, it is capable of eliminating microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, yeasts and even spores.

you can also use hydrogen peroxide In your sink, shower and faucet. We suggest that you do not let too much tartar and dirt accumulate in your bathroom because although this compound is very effective Clean When our bathroom starts to meet Yellow It will be more difficult to clean it completely.

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House cleaning is a task that requires constant maintenance And this bathroom It’s one of the rooms in the house that gets dirty the fastest, but if you clean frequently and don’t let moisture accumulate, your bathroom will always look dirty. Clean,


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