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How to Control Car Tires by Finding the Cause

How to deal with lumpy car tires can be done by first knowing the cause. so that it can be handled properly.

Car tires are one of the most important components of a vehicle.

Also, being a component that is directly related to different road conditions. If the condition of the tires is unfavourable, it will affect the performance of the vehicle.

If you don’t pay attention to the condition of the tires, it can lead to bad things including accidents. In fact all car components have different life and maintenance.

This is the same for all components that are used for a long time, their performance will decrease. This happens with car tires as well. Various problems can also be experienced by this single component.

One of them is a lump tyre. So how to deal with bumpy car tires?

It’s good if you get it off right. So that there is no new problem in this.

If the tire is lumpy, performance will decrease. Especially if the car is driving on a steep road, the bumpy tires will have a bad effect. Find out the cause first and treat it immediately.

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Causes of Lumpy Tires in Car and How to Remove Them?

There may be many car owners who have problem tyres. In fact, many problems can arise.

So it’s not just a punctured tire or just a flat tire. However, tires with bumps on the surface are also a problem that cannot be underestimated.

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For that, it is a good idea for car owners to find out what causes lumpy tyres. In addition, the tire is an important factor.

So it needs strong performance to be able to drive in different areas of the road, be it steep, asphalt, up, down and turning.

If the situation is good then the performance will also be good. Tires are also a driving safety system.

due to tire burst

The rough surface of the tire will reduce the comfort of driving. When the tire position collides, the driver and passengers will feel the car shaking.

Even though the car was already in a paved road. Usually tubeless tires which are prone to lumps. The following are some of the causes of bumpy car tires, including:

  • shape distortion
  • Another reason is the tire surface that often comes into contact with sharp objects.
  • Maybe because the suspension of the car is hard and dead
  • Also, as a result of you filling the air

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tire type selection

Knowing why car tires bulge, it’s your turn to take steps to fix them. The first way to deal with lumpy car tires is to choose the right type of tire.

You can buy tires if they are not in good condition for reuse. You can choose the type of tire with the right specifications. In addition, you should adjust the size of the wheels.

The size is already available on the number behind the letter R on the plaque. Choose tires that are in perfect condition because of the type of road areas the car is often driven into.

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lump tire check

It is good if you also check the tires regularly. You can check the tires by jacking them up a bit.

To rotate the tyres, you can apply the hand brake to hold the wheels. Don’t forget the wedge on the tire cross. Once you’ve tried turning the tire, see if it’s stuck in the ground.

If there is, it indicates that the tire is lumpy or uneven. We recommend that you change a new tire immediately as a way to deal with a bumpy car tire.

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temporary fix

There are several methods you can take to deal with lumpy tires. For example, patching can temporarily make a lumpy tire go away.

You can find out where the tire bump is. If so, you can pierce it so that it deflates. We recommend doing this sideways so as not to puncture the inner tire.

Due to its temporary nature, it is better to replace car tires with new ones immediately. Because it is the best solution. Your vehicle will be more comfortable and safe to use.

In fact when you know the reason it will be faster to deal with it. Just like how to deal with a bumpy car tire by knowing the cause first so that it is the right one. (R10/HR-Online)

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