How to Create Formulas Without Knowing Anything About Excel and With Artificial Intelligence

maybe you can take some classes during school time excelIts spreadsheets and formulas but everything in a general and very basic way, however, with the passage of time and when people reach adulthood, they find the importance of knowing how to handle it. program of Microsoft,

But, apparently, technology has a solution, it turns out that There is a website that helps to generate formulas automatically, And it will be of great help for work and other kinds of activities.

Upon entering the website, the user will get three options, the first button is to generate Google Sheets formulas, which is the spreadsheet version of this company, the next tab invites donations to the creator of the site and The third box will be used to generate the Excel formulas. In other words, the platform also provides more support.

To get access to formulas, which, according to the site, a . are generated by artificial intelligence, It will be necessary to register with an email to type the required operation and, finally, after the formula is generated, it remains only to copy it and pass it to the spreadsheet.

It should be noted that the site emphasizes that it is only possible to calculate feasible formulas in Excel, otherwise, it will be flagged as an error. This is the web address of the forum:

On the other hand, if you want you to be able to work out some formulas on your own and without needing to rely on artificial intelligence, as mentioned, probably because it’s better than searching on a website. More practical, then there would be no other option. For this you have to learn commands.

So, although you have the help of this type of technique, it would also be helpful to know some formulas and apply them manually, these are the most well-known.,

Summary is the most essential and useful function in this program, as the result can be obtained by grouping multiple cells. For example, all you need to do is enter the command and the cells you want to add. =SUM(A1:A10)), which means this cell will add up to 1 to 10.

Those who keep their personal finances in an Excel spreadsheet will know how essential it is to learn how to subtract using commands rather than looking in the toolbar. That said, this operation requires you to register in the box you want to see. If the result is other “=” and subtract the values, for example if you want to subtract cell A1 and cell B6 you have to register =A1-B6.

This is the quintessential formula for teachers, because if they take their grade sheets digitally, they will be able to identify who has passed or failed the exam, for example, they can establish the result as per the required conditions. can.

So, going back to the grade sheet example, you can determine if a cell says “Failed” if the number is less than 3, i.e. enter the following command in the Fx bar =IF(A2<3, “passed”, “failed”).

With this, assuming the name of the student “Carlos” and his grade is entered in cell A2, placing the condition “<3” commands the system to find “Carlos” in those columns. Those who have passed or lost matter according to their result.

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