How to Fix Media Streaming Error at Fortnite Festival


Fortnite Festival is a live game service that, unfortunately, is subject to its fair share of mistakes when it comes to it. The Media Streaming Error is the most damaging in this game because it prevents songs from playing at all, so no one can tap their tracks.

Fortnite is a live service game and that means it’s always at the mercy of needing an online connection to the Epic Games servers. Since the Fortnite Festival is hosted within Fortnite, it is subject to the same issues but also has its own host. We were hit with a Media Streaming Error, which caused players to jump on stage and wait while a song they thought was about to start never actually tried to play.

How to Fix Media Streaming Error in Fortnite


To fix Media Streaming Error in Fortnite Festival, players should restart the game and try to start their set again.. There is no specific method that can stop the Media Streaming Error, mainly because it kicks the players back to Fortnite, where they have to open the Fortnite Festival again from scratch.

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At the time of writing, December 9, 2023, this error hit many Fortnite Festival players. We used this fix the day the game was released, and it allowed us to go back and start jamming our tracks right away. Fortunately, this happened at the start of a session rather than in the middle of one where we had already played a track or two.

Why Don’t Fortnite Festival Songs Play?


The reason the songs won’t play at the Fortnite Festival is almost certainly due to a Media Streaming Error. This error prevents the player version of the game from getting the stream of the selected song from the Epic Games servers. Therefore, the song will not play when someone starts a session.

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The reason is believed to be too many players trying to use Fortnite Festival at once. The number of players in the game mode exceeded 850,000 on the day of release, which is when this error is the biggest problem for most people. However, other modes, such as battle royale, can handle around 2 million players, so this could be a small bug that Epic Games will fix over time.

When it happened to us, we thought that the song took longer than usual to start. However, as time passed and our character continued to emote to the sound of the screaming crowd and no music, it quickly became apparent that something was broken. After about 30 seconds, the game returned us to Fortnite’s game mode hub and showed us the Media Streaming Error.

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At the time of writing, the Fortnite Festival live event with The Weeknd has yet to begin. However, when Media Streaming Error plagues players through a live event, it can have devastating effects. After all, a surprising number of players tuned in for The Big Bang Event, where the Fortnite Festival was revealed, and we expect to see the same for any similar live events that follow it.