How to get cosmetic wings in Diablo Immortal, and why the system needs a change

There is no shortage of cosmetic items in Diablo Immortal. From unique armor designs to iconic gear sets, the game has tons of customization options for users.

One trendy item that sets them aside are feathers that can add a lot of personality to a character. However, they are not the easiest to obtain, making it quite important for gamers to know the most efficient way.


Diablo Immortal is the latest introduction to the ARPG series, and for the first time ever, mobile users can enjoy the iconic franchise. Despite the initial promise, the title has been slammed for the pay-to-win nature of microtransactions.

While getting feathers can cost players real money, it is cosmetic. The game comes with crossplay and cross-progression, allowing them to switch between different platforms.

Getting Wings in Diablo Immortal requires a certain amount of Resonance

Resonance is a feature in Diablo Immortals that is directly related to mythical gems. These gems have been in the eye of controversy as they can be obtained through mythological summits. These shikhas not only require real money, but they also have a gacha system.

The process of getting Wings is fairly simple, as all gamers need is to upgrade to Legendary Gems. When they reach 1000 echoes they will unlock the first one. More options are available at 3000 and 5000 echo respectively.


Therefore, the current system of wings in Diablo Immortal essentially means that players have to spend money in real life. The exact amount may vary depending on their luck. However, the 3000 and 5000 available at Resonance won’t come cheap as they require several upgrades to hit the mark.

Blizzard’s system for obtaining legendary gems has been quite problematic. There have been incidents where people have spent thousands of dollars not getting anything important. Suffice to say, the current system of obtaining wings requires a change.

To make matters worse, locking cosmetic items behind such procedures can be irritating to many fans. Free-to-play games often include such practices, and the reason for this is quite understandable.

However, things are already downhill for Diablo Immortal. Despite over 10 million downloads, it has become the worst-rated video game on Metacritic.


For the time being, users can’t get wings without spending significant money. Fans will expect the system to change so that free-to-play gamers can get this item in-game. Alternatively, Blizzard could look to make other options available as quest rewards so everyone can enjoy the cosmetic.

There is a lot for individuals to do with regards to Diablo Immortal. Different quests can be done alone or with squads to unlock various rewards, which will help them empower their characters.

While some elements like Legendary Gems make the game pay-to-win, free-to-play readers can still play within their limits. There are various rewards they can get, including Diablo 3’s coveted gear.


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