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How to get the best mileage from your car

Fuel mileage has always been a topic of discussion in India. Considering the fuel prices, it is now being given a lot of importance. Many cars come with good mileage, but achieving this mileage requires some skill. So how to acquire these skills? In today’s article, we will discuss ways to get the best out of your car.

proper gear shift

Getting Good Mileage

Changing gears at the correct RPM is the key to getting good mileage. You can also use engine noise to see how much thrust you are putting on the engine; The higher the tension, the lower the mileage. Ideally, 2000RPM is the best place to change gears in most cars. Running at a certain pace can help increase mileage.

avoid laziness

Getting Good Mileage

Burning fuel while driving is the biggest mileage killer. Why burn precious fuel when you don’t need it? That’s why it’s important to turn off the ignition when you’re going to take a long break. Start your engine only when you are ready to drive.

Getting Good Mileage – Proper Maintenance

Getting Good Mileage

Proper maintenance and service is a must for any car. A well maintained car will also give you better mileage. The oil level and other components should be regularly checked. Irregular and cheap maintenance can damage your engine leading to poor fuel efficiency. It is recommended to follow the manufacturers recommended time intervals for service.

coasting during braking

Getting Good Mileage

It is important to use your car’s engine braking smartly. So when you’re approaching a red light, turn off the accelerator and let the engine brake. Do not put your car in neutral as this will consume even more power.

maintain proper tire pressure

Getting Good Mileage

Tires are the most important part of a car. Therefore it is important to maintain the correct tire pressure. Under-inflated tires can increase resistance, causing the engine to do more work. As mentioned above, a stressed engine consumes more fuel. So what is the ideal tire pressure? For this you have to check the user manual of your car.

Getting Good Mileage – Good Quality Fuel

Getting Good Mileage

This is something you have to be extra careful about. Adulterated fuel will not only reduce fuel efficiency but will also damage your engine. Check the density and volume of the fuel you are filling. Consider filling with larger fuel pumps from reputable brands to reduce the risk of adulterated fuel.

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