How to get your tickets for the Radionica 2023 Concert?

How to get your tickets for the Radionica 2023 Concert?

The date is approaching and you really don’t want to miss out. Radionica 2023 concert. The event is next December 13 at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá and will feature live performances by Cultura Profética, Austin TV, Margarita Siempre Viva, ZPU, Kei Linch, Dawer x Damper, Buha 2030 and Verito Asprilla.

To get your tickets you need to know more our on-air programs, social networks and outings. Here we will tell you how you can get it in each space and some general things you need to remember to attend the event.

To remember!

  • Tickets can be sent in duplicate or individually. In both cases, If you win you can’t enter again, registration in our database is unique. If your friends or family want to attend, they should too.
  • Remember that Admission is free with a printed ticket which you secure through our official channels. No one should charge you to get it.
  • Once you secure your tickets through our networks or on-air programs, You can claim them from the next day at the physical point of TuBoleta in the Movistar Arena.
  • If you can get it at our outlets in different parts of the city, Deliver them to you you will not claim them in TuBoleta.
  • Delivery by location in every space (on air and digital), It is subject to availability each day.
  • Any change in shipping dynamics will be announced in a timely manner on our air broadcasts and social networks.
  • We invite you to get your tickets as soon as possible, to avoid lines and congestion in the days before the concert.
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The day of the concert…

  • The event is for over 14 years old but all minors must enter with an adult.
  • If you get tickets on floor 2 and 3 you should remember that on the day of the Radionica Concert The location is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here’s how you can secure it in different spaces:

Air programs

Starting Thursday, November 30, you will be connected to our program to get your tickets. In this way you will be able to participate, once we give the air signal, calling our landline number (6012200728) and through our WhatsApp line (+57 1 2200728).

Once you answer the dynamic correctly, you will be contacted in the way you participate to register your data. Remember that if more than 2 days pass without you sending your data, the tickets will be reassigned and you will have to join again.

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Social networks

Starting from Thursday, November 30, you will find different dynamics through our accounts. Instagram, X and Facebook. Follow us and activate notifications so you don’t miss any opportunity!

If you join and enter the number of participants announced dynamically, you will receive a direct message with a unique code (personal and immovable) and the instructions to be followed for registration, which It must comply with all requested data to be valid.

If you don’t receive our message it means you need to keep trying. Once you complete your registration, you can be sure to get your tickets at the authorized point.

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Outings around the city

Our on-air and digital team will plan several outings in the weeks before the concert through different parts of Bogotá so you can drop your patch and secure your tickets. In this modality, Delivery of physical ballots directly to citizens.

Through our social networks we will announce in advance the points of the city and the times where we will be present.

This year let’s talk in peace! And we want to see you enjoy other music and other stories at the Radionica 2023 Concert. See you there.