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How to help young children deal with technology to avoid addictions daily chronicle

Laura Jurkowski is a psychologist, technology addiction specialist, director of the Reconnect Center, and author of the book “Screen Effect, How to Find Digital Balance.”

How to help kids deal with technology to avoid addictions? Or at what point should the alarm be turned off for parents to intervene in cases of risk? These are some of the questions that most families ask themselves regarding the use of screens.

That’s why it’s so important that mothers and fathers monitor and monitor what their children do with screens. First, education is important, teaching them whether they are going to participate in social network challenges and that they can speak up and always warn of potential risks. Many times little ones think that there are things on Tik Tok and there are friends and acquaintances who do, it is because it is safe. That’s why it’s important to be able to open their eyes and be able to teach them what the risks are.

How to deal with technology from the role of a parent and how to avoid tragedies due to viral challenges are other questions families ask themselves. And here you have to think that what are the youngsters looking for in these challenges that what they do goes viral. What they want is the approval of their peers, which should be valued by their peers. It is therefore very important that these young people from their first contact with technology are educated and taught what the potential risks are.

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And always keep a channel of conversation open with kids if any difficulties arise, or if there’s something that worries them, something they don’t like, and they can come and share it.

Parents should be told that there is a place they can go. And if you think children are in any of these situations or you have any doubts, never challenge them because if they have a problem, they don’t go to their parents.

And on the other hand, especially when they are younger, they have to contract that they will be allowed to use some platform or application, but they have to show who their followers are, who they follow, and thus are able to monitor. What do his followers do, son?

It is important that parents watch how boys behave. They are more nervous if they make them feel more sad, more upset, nervous, or if someone goes near a screen, or has changes in sleeping, eating, or they see them as sad. These can all be indicators that something is wrong with your kids, especially if the child spends a lot of time alone in front of the screen. Then we should look and ask what is happening to them.

How to deal with technologies to avoid addiction is very important, as I have already said, educating about the risks, on all kinds of risks, including the time spent on screens and from a young age, setting limits. is included. We set limits with any everyday life situation.

Don’t just allow children to spend their free time in front of a screen, but provide them with other options, allowing them to use other devices. For example, not reading everything from a tablet or computer. Offer books, do an activity outside, go out, spend the day with family, and it’s not only for kids, but also free daytime screens. For example when we are eating there is no screen in between.

It is important to note that fathers and mothers are role models, so not only is what they say to their children is enough, but what is behavior is important, so it is important that there can be moments of bonding between a mother and a father and their own. Dedication to children where there is no screen in between.

And you also have to limit the number of hours you use the technology. For example on weekends or on holiday if we are going to allow more screen play then it is not a marathon and a lot of hours. It would be better if the boys play for a while, do another activity and then return to the screen after a while. (NA)


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