How to hide WhatsApp top bar when you search chats

Preview of new features.  (Image: WabetaInfo)

WhatsApp prioritized the new design of its main interface in the latest updates it published, for example: they moved the “chats”, “News”, “Communities” and “Call” tabs from top to bottom, in addition, They added some icons to each section so you can identify them more easily.

The goal is that the aforementioned messaging platform will be more attractive and modern, like the iOS version of the application. They also introduced a new style for configurations and status displays, the last one in question now has a carousel format.

The latest update of WhatsApp has just launched a feature that has been requested by millions of users for a long time, we are talking about scrolling the main interface without the WhatsApp top bar that follows you, this means that if you swipe the word “WhatsApp ” invisible ” next to the camera, magnifying glass and three dots (or profile picture) tools.

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This is how you get the top bar when you scroll on WhatsApp

  • It should be clarified that the option is currently only available in the beta version of WhatsApp.
  • To get the trial program, click the following link and then click the “Become a beta tester” button.
  • Accept the conditions and you have to wait a little bit so you can start downloading WhatsApp Beta.
  • Open the application (it’s the same).
  • Start sliding down and you’ll see how the top bar disappears automatically.
  • It will appear again when you scroll up, because it is not comfortable to be in the last conversation and have to go back to the beginning to use the magnifying glass, camera or the three dot tool.
  • The feature is currently only available in chats, not statuses, communities or calls.
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Preview Of New Features.  (Image: Wabetainfo)
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