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Thursday, May 6, 2021

How to identify genuine and fake Remdesivir, IPS officer explained with two tweets

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The outbreak of the second wave of corona virus continues across the country. Doctors are demanding Remedesivir injection for the treatment of serious patients of Kovid in hospitals. Meanwhile, the news of its black marketing is coming due to the demand for Remedesivir more and the supply being less. Some people are selling fake injections to the needy at high prices. In such a situation, it has become extremely important to know whether the Remedesivir injection is real or fake.

DCP and IPS officer of Delhi Police Crime Branch Monika Bhardwaj Has given information about how to identify the fake and real vial of Remedisvir through two tweets. While sharing pictures of real and fake packets of Remedesvir injection, he has explained how we can identify the packets of real Remedesivir.

IPS officer Monica Bhardwaj tweeted on Monday (26 April 2021) how to identify the fake and real Remedesivir vial. The IPS officer has pointed out some of the mistakes on the fake packet of injection, which may prove to be helpful in separating it from the original packet.

Monica has highlighted in the pictures the difference between real and fake Remedesvir, which are as follows-

1. immediately before the name of the injection on the packet of Nakli RamesedivirRx‘It is not written.

2. The third line written on the packet has a capitalization error. On the original packet 100 mg / Vial (V Capital) is written while on the fake packet 100 mg / vial (v small) is written.

3. On the original packet For use in Is written while on the fake packet for use in Is written That is, there is only a difference of Capital F between the two.

4. The Warning Label on the back of the original packet is in red, while the Warning label on the fake packet is in black.

5. Just below the ‘Warning’ label on the packet of fake Remedisvir Key information Inc is not written in ‘Covifir’ (brand name) is manufactured under the license from Gilead Sciences.

6.Manufactured by below is written after India, which should be India.

In the end, he stated that the packet containing the Remedeserver contains spelling mistakes throughout the address. For example, Telagana is written on the fake packet instead of Telangana.

In another tweet, Monica Bhardwaj clarified, these tweets are meant to convey information. No such complaints have been received so far. He has also shared a photo of a real Remedisvir packet on Twitter, so that he can distinguish it from fake by looking at it.

Let us know that the team of Ghaziabad Police and Crime Branch on Tuesday (April 27) arrested the eminent neuro surgeon of the country Mohammad Altamsh and two of his comrades while black marketing Remdesivir injection in Delhi-NCR during Corona period. Hazrat Nizamuddin resident Dr. Altmash has served in AIIMS for a long time and has good relations with many big leaders of the country. In addition to the 70 Remedesivir injection by the police, two Aktemra injections and 36 lakh ten thousand rupees in cash and a luxury car. Recovered was.

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