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How to increase battery capacity to be able to use devices for longer

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom hit stores last week and one of the game’s great innovations is that it allows you to build anything that comes out of your imagination and best of all, you can bring it to life. Can bring in thanks Artifacts Zonen.

To activate the zonnan artifacts you will use a battery that they give you very near the beginning of the game. The capacity of this battery can be increased, how to do it? Here we will provide you a guide with some basic tips to achieve it.

Please note that this guide may contain some light spoilers regarding certain locations on the Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule map.

What is needed to increase battery capacity

Very early in the game you will receive a special accessory with which you can carry with you the batteries that are used to activate zonan artifacts such as turbines, flamethrowers, wheels, rockets and much more. Initially you will have three power cells which is the equivalent of a battery.

Your bag has the capacity to carry up to 8 batteries, ie 24 energy cells. Each of them will cost you a total of 100 energy crystals.

What are energy crystals? We don’t blame you if you accidentally drop dialogue with a helper golem in the forge on the first island you cross in the game. It is a special material obtained after refining Zonnenium, a material that can be found in certain locations in Hyrule.

Zonium is a very important material for extending the charge of your battery.

Collecting zonanio is of vital importance

The first thing you need to do to improve your battery is to collect as much Zonnium as possible, but where to find it?

The island you start your adventure on has quite a bit of this material, but practically all sources of the curious mineral are in Hyrule’s subsoil, which you access through giant holes that appear on the map. are distributed at various places. Keep in mind that the underground is a dangerous place, so it might be a good idea to upgrade Link with some extra hearts before venturing into this area of ​​the map.

You will always get a little Zonnio by eliminating enemies from underground

Already in the underground, there will be several ways to get to Zonnio. Most enemies you kill will drop small amounts of the mineral, but there are also extensive veins that you can mine.

We recommend that you take one or more hammers to tap the Zonnio veins in the subsoil, or failing that, take the help of the Saints’ abilities, which you will unlock throughout the adventure.

The best places to find underground Zonn are mining camps, which are usually well guarded by enemies.

what do zonanio veins look like

Where to convert zonan to zonan energy crystals

Once you’ve got the zonon, you must turn it into zonon energy crystals, which are recognizable as little shiny stones in the shape of a pyramid. To do this you need to find a refinery on the map.

One of the more accessible refineries is located on the first island you visit in the game, in a dark cave where you were given the tutorial on refining Zonn into Zonn energy crystals. Note that the assistant golem who runs this location only refines a limited amount of Zonnium per day, so you’ll have to wait a day to buy more when your Energy Crystal stock runs out.

One of the refineries, with a much higher capacity than the previous one, is at the entrance to the Great Central Abandoned Mine, a place located slightly south of the central part of the Hyrule underground. It is possible to obtain both Energy Crystals and Large Energy Crystals at this Refinery which are equal to 20 Standard Crystals.

Finally, you should know that you can also find Energy Crystals inside Yiga Clan chests that you will find in their camps spread throughout the underground.

The Refinery in the Great Central Abandoned Mine has a number of useful supplies to extend your battery life.

Where to Buy Battery Upgrades

Once you’ve managed to refine Zonium into energy crystals, you’ll be ready to acquire improvements for your batteries, which are obtained with a helper golem located in a special forge where energy It is possible to get cells that will expand to the capacity of your battery.

Although there are several of these forges, one of the most accessible is just outside the north gate of Prunia’s central camp in the center of the Hyrule map. All you have to do is approach the station attendant golem and exchange your crystals to expand your battery capacity.

The Golem of the Forge will exchange your crystals for helpful energy cells

Other Energy Options

If for some reason you haven’t been able to extend the capacity of your battery, you’ll be glad to know that there are other ways to get power for longer use of your Xonan artifact.

Consuming Zonn Energy Spheres will slightly recharge your battery no matter where you are or what your current charge level is. Similarly, large zonal energy fields will give you unlimited energy for a short period of time.

Also remember that the same areas can be used to buy artifacts in vending machines, so it’s worth thinking twice before spending them.

You can review our review to know more about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We remind you that the game is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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