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How to invest in renewable energy?

With the condition (at least on paper) of the world powers for stability, known as green energy It has gained ground on fossil fuels. With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Putin’s speculation in gas and electricity prices, the need to move is becoming increasingly clear. may be time to invest in renewable energy,

loss renewable energy projects They multiply, and there are more and more entrepreneurs who see a market in this area to exploit.

Technological advances, low production costs and interest from governments contribute to turning renewable energy into a sound investment.

What are renewable energy?

Although they are being talked about more and more, renewable energy is still unknown to many people. In fact, it is sometimes thought that only wind and solar power are part of this typology, but this is not the case.

before showing anything for this reason best investment option, it is convenient to state what these energies are. For this official information is taken from the Government of Spain, which lists the following:

Renewable energy for power generation:

  • wind.
  • Hydroelectric (<10 a.3. Solar thermoelectric).
  • Solar Photovoltaic.

Thermal Usage:

  • Low temperature solar thermal.
  • biomass.
  • Biogas.
  • bio fuel
  • Energy recovery of urban solid waste.

They point out in the same official text that the development of renewable sources of energy It is one of the key aspects of the National Energy Policy for 2 main reasons:

First, because they efficiently contribute reduction of greenhouse gas emissionsCO₂ in particular.

also, Greater share of renewable energy in the energy balance It “reduces our dependence on petroleum products and diversifies our sources of supply by promoting indigenous resources.”

5 ways to invest in renewable energy

5 main approaches to investing in renewable energy They are stocks, mutual funds, green bonds, ETFs and congestion,

Many of them don’t need any kind of explanation, but here’s a brief rundown:


A Wind Power Mill.

As explained at Crommy – where they are dedicated to analyzing the legal, economic and technical feasibility of renewable energy projects – this is always the first option, but, in the case of renewable energy company stockOne aspect must be taken into account: there are only a few stocks in the market, so it is very difficult to diversify.

Furthermore, this means that you will not be able to access projects that are in the middle stages of construction, and which generally offer the most profit due to their potential growth and revaluation. Interesting companies include Iberdrola, Nel ASA and Enphase Energy Inc. are prominent.

3 experts share their tips on how to invest in renewable energy with the coming green revolution in mind

They also mention this option on the Rankia website, one of the main Spanish-speaking financial communities, with a presence in 10 countries, and over a million registered users.

They explain that you can bet on companies that make photovoltaic solar panels or wind turbines, and you can find developers, construction companies, producers… Two names come up: Holaluz and Soltec.

investment funds

Solar Panels On The Roof Of A House.

They point out at Crowne that with investment funds, you have the advantage that it’s a professional carrying out the processes and sometimes, they also have tax benefits.

In morningstar they qualify with 4 star multiple permanent investment fundEntrance, Pictet-Timber, JOHCM Global Select o BGF Sustainable Energy Fund.

Funds with 5 stars include Nordea 1 – Global Climate & Envir FD, Brown Advisory Global Leaders Fund, GuardCap Global Equity or Schroder ISF Global Sustainable Growth.

green bond

A Lot Of Smoke Comes Out Of A Factory.

In Rankia they mention Green bonds as a good way to invest in renewable energy, They explain that this is the name given to all bonds whose funds are used exclusively to finance green projects, be they renewable energy, energy efficiency, pollution prevention and control, or clean transportation.

Furthermore, they insist that it is a type of fixed income investmentie conservative, and hence, if you are risk averse then it can be perfect to round out your investment portfolio.


The Sun Is Reflected In The Ocean Behind A Tree.

Loss ETF, oflisted waves“They are hybrid investment instruments between funds and stocks, in such a way that they combine the diversification offered by a fund’s portfolio with the flexibility of being able to enter and exit that fund with a simple operation in the stock market.” Are”, he explains outside the Madrid Stock Exchange.

Among its main characteristics, they highlight accessibility, flexibility, transparency, fluidity and solidity.

These two brothers have created a platform that allows them to invest in renewable projects from 500 euros and they already have 4.7 million: “Solar is profitable in itself, it no longer depends on subsidies”

But all is not well, some ETFs, explain in CNMV Guide on Funds Traded in the Stock MarketMay hold securities or contracts in its portfolio that involve credit or counterparty risk: the possibility that the issuer or counterparty may not be able to meet its payments or that they may be delayed.

The counterparty risk of exchange-traded funds, they add, affects ETFs that use OTC derivatives, such as financial swap contracts or swapTo artificially replicate the profitability of reference assets.


last of Ways to invest in renewable energy What is covered in this article is congestion,

Through this system, any company can be financed through a large group of investors, who contribute their money under very different conditions to a traditional bank loan.

Investors do this in exchange for a monthly interest, which will be agreed upon in the contract itself.

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