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how to keep your computer cool in summer

As is logical, computers have a harder time overheating, because fans must operate at full blast for longer periods of time to ensure that all of their components are at a sufficient temperature, so that no component of the computer can overheat. Don’t arrive

It is clear that when we are at temperatures over 30ºC, many parts of the computer can reach temperatures we might consider excessive, such as graphics cards, for example.

So that this does not become an irreversible problem, it is best that we try to keep the computer as cool as possible, which is what we are going to explain to you in a moment.

Logically, we’re going to split the article into two parts, because laptops and desktops differ in a few aspects when it comes to reducing heat, so it’s best to focus on each of them.


The usual thing while going on vacation is to take a laptop in case we need it at a certain time. The problem comes when the temperature rises excessively, because, if something is characteristic of this type of device, it is because It’s easy for them to overheat.

It is necessary to follow some guidelines to try to get it as low as possible, otherwise we may have a serious problem with our laptop.

avoid direct sunlight

We already know that we are in summer and the sun is present at practically all hours of the day, but we must be very careful so that Laptop not exposed to sunlight Simply put, something that could actually be dangerous for this device.

If we’re going to be carrying it in the car, for example, it’s best to store it in the glove compartment, if it fits, or somewhere shaded. You should take care that the sunlight is intense may damage some components When the temperature of the computer rises excessively.

laptop in car

something you should never do Leave the computer in the car if you are going to park the car In broad daylight and with the sun clearly setting.

Even if you keep the laptop in an area of ​​the car that has shade, the accumulation of temperature that will affect the vehicle when it is stopped and in strong sunlight can damage your device.


Having a portable toaster bag is extremely important, as many of them come ready-made. Resist both moisture and heat And thus keep the device cool.

It is clear that, if the laptop is going to go on vacation with us, then a cover of the kind we just mentioned could become Practically necessary assistant.

clean fan area

When the temperature is too high, the best thing we can do is to keep the area where fans blow hot air out of the appliance.

You should try to keep it free from dust and dirt so that the system works optimally.

unplug it

As we are in the summer and the heat is pushing, the best thing to do is to load the device when the temperature drops, because, if we do it at a time when the degrees are high, the computer will not work. Will heat up not only because it is plugged into the electrical network, but also from the heat of the environment.

So whenever you can, try to charge your laptop in the coolest place possible.

cooling base

One of the best accessories you can find to help take the heat off your laptop is a cooling base,

We put the computer on top of such a device and thank auxiliary fans you have (we recommend a Cooling base with at least 3 fans) We find the temperature of the computer drops significantly, which would mean that it would be better taken care of.

desktop computer

If you have a desktop computer, it will be more or less the same as with a laptop, as it doesn’t cope well with high temperatures either.

But the truth is, since it is not a tool that we can carry from place to place, the way to take care of them with heat varies in some aspects.

tower placement

We imagine this is something you already know, but in case it is necessary to comment that The place where we put our computer tower is important. When it is more or less hot.

We should invite the computer to lock it in a place where it is difficult to dissipate the heat and so much more if we are in the middle of summer.

It is advisable that the compartment containing the computer 3 or 4 times as big From the tower itself.

tower height

The height at which the tower should be erected is based on the knowledge that cold air is denser than warm air Therefore, the latter becomes higher.

This means that the ideal for the tower would be a Height of about 20 cm from the groundSince, if we had put it directly in it, we would still have the advantage of cold air, but we could have absorbed many more dust particles.

closed tower

No matter how high the temperature we may be experiencing, we should never leave our tower open, so should always be closed,

We are not saying that if we open the sides of the tower, better temperature will enter, but it will absorb dust in such quantity that the remedy is worse than the disease.

air intake and outlet

Other parts of our tower that should never be obstructed are air intake and outletSince they are one of the main parts to ensure that all internal components are at the correct temperature.

This means that if we put the computer somewhere to the right so we have an air outlet, blocking it, the system will have a harder time cooling the hardware and hence, we may face a breakdown.


Another important point to keep the temperature of the computer at all times is that both Exterior and interior are as clean as possible,

so it is very convenient clean them at least every 6 monthsWhat is the outlet and air intake on the inner part and the outside in particular with respect to dust.

Avoid Overclocking

in case you don’t know overclocking one is technology used to increase the clock frequency of computer.

said frequency measured in hertz (cycles per second) and basically it is the speed at which the equipment is able to perform the tasks assigned to it.

Computers have certain components, such as a CPU or GPU, whose clock frequency is determined by the manufacturer. When a user a. makes overclock in any of these components, which what you are making is a modification of the watchThereby it provides better performance.

In some cases, this system not only causes certain components to work faster, but they get hot too than they will be with the frequency marked by the manufacturer.

Therefore it is convenient that Overclock not workingAs we cannot make our fans powerful enough to dissipate the temperature, which can lead to various problems.

If you’re an expert in this type of modification, you’ll already have your meter on hand to know it’s not going to overheat, but if it isn’t, it’s convenient that you deactivate it just in case. Give.

With what we told you today, you can be a little quieter while working with your laptop or desktop when the temperature is too high.

These are very easy tips to follow and what we are going to do with them is to cover our back against any kind of breakage due to heat.

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