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How to Make a Great First Impression as an Introvert

7 Tips From Livebeam

Communication seems easy and stress-free when you’re with your buddies. It’s easy to make a joke, make them smile, or just ease the tension. It gets so complicated when you meet a new person. You begin to consider your words and your presentation. Several questions come to your mind, “Can this be offensive to the person”, “Did I sound narcissistic right now?”, “Will a joke be out of place here?” And at that point, a simple “what’s up?” discussion becomes a math problem. 

There are ways around making a good first impression. Livebeam is a social media platform that offers communication and entertainment. At Livebeam, we understand that a “Good day” message could become a 7-year relationship. This bond can only be achieved by presenting yourself as someone worth sticking around to be with, and that hinges on making a good first impression.

We will be taking a look at efficient ways to make a good first impression. And since this is coming from Livebeam, we would not fail to include tips that will help you make a good first impression on an online acquaintance. Our features allow you to search for people and invite them to chat, so we want to make sure you’re prepared to get the chat going nicely.

Here are 7 practical ways to make a good first impression online and offline, no matter the recipient:

  1. 😌❤️ Be Yourself

Some people think they are naturally not likable. Well, it could partially be true as all people just cannot like us; but it definitely isn’t as bad as pretending to be someone you are not. Not only do you have to put in extra effort to create a fake first impression, but you also have to keep up the charade in following conversations. It could become a whole lot worse if the person catches on to your lies early on, you don’t only lose a possible new friend, you provide a bad impression about yourself.

👉 When you meet a new person on the Livebeam platform, be yourself and be proud of who you are. The Livebeam community is very accommodating and will take you the way you are. Authenticity is an admirable trait and it’s worth sticking with.

  1. 😊 Put On Positive Expressions

No expression sells a human like a smile. Just like the common saying goes, “One smile can start a friendship”. The easiest first impression you can give is by smiling during your first encounter with someone. It is both refreshing and welcoming.

👉 For the online audience, you’re probably asking “How can I smile online?” The answer is very obvious, emojis! Emojis have been created to relay our expressions to people very far away and they are good ways to liven up a new chat. Make sure not to use them excessively, just use them enough to get your expressions communicated.

  1. 👐 Be Open To Anything

A common mistake people make is having a lot of expectations before getting to know someone. Some people ask their new acquaintances questions while already hoping they give the answers they want. Humans are biased by nature, but you need to tone it down a bit on your first encounter.

👉 Be open to any kind of response, behavior, or manner. Some may genuinely surprise you but try not to be rude or derogatory. Doing this is much easier on a platform like Livebeam that values acceptance and diversity, where everyone is free to be themselves and can expect to be accepted without the need to make excessive changes.

  1. ⏳ Be Punctual

You can make a bad first impression without even being there, and the reason would be because you aren’t there. Lateness isn’t a good way to introduce yourself to a new person. It sometimes feels exotic to be “fashionably late”, but it is inappropriate on your very first meeting with someone. 

Make efforts to be on time or make an extra effort to be there earlier. It is the first impression without words that sets up for a pretty nice meet-up.

👉 Punctuality transcends the online space. Your response time represents your timings. For your first time chatting with someone, try to make yourself free at the time. This allows for quick responses and prevents doubts that a person might feel by thinking you are taking them for granted with your late responses.

  1. 🗣 Stick To Relatable Conversations

There are a lot of things you can talk about on your first encounter. You probably have many interests, scenarios, or vacations you can bring into the conversation; but, why the rush? You don’t need to exhaust all your conversation topics on the first day, especially if you plan to keep this relationship going. What you do need to do is pick considerate topics.

👉 The best topics are those ones you realize that you have in common with the person you are chatting with. Once you come across such topics, you can dwell on them for a longer time and share similarities. To come across the topics, you must have good listening skills, and that’s the next thing on our list.

  1. 🤔 Actively Listen

There’s no point talking when the other person isn’t even paying attention. To leave a good first impression, ensure that you are in tune with the discussion. Lending your ears and being both physically and emotionally available is a good way to start any kind of relationship. 

👉 Researchers have found that trustworthy responses are among the best ways to give a very good first impression. In order to give such responses, you need to actively listen to what the person is saying in order to contribute. The same goes for an online chat. You need to carry out active reading of the chats and give relatable responses.

  1. 🤗 Follow Up Enthusiastically 

The first impression doesn’t end in the very first encounter. The term “first impression” actually has to do with the first set(s) of encounters that builds a person’s perception of you. It could take one meeting, two, or even five. This reason is why following up on previous engagements is a good way to seal a good first impression.

👉 If you have successfully invited someone over to chat on, let’s say, Livebeam and the first chat went seemingly well, don’t feel too shy or too proud to make it happen again. Check up on the person, continue from where the last discussion stopped, and let the person know that they are worth something to you.

In Conclusion

A good first impression is a result of so many factors. These 7 are among the most important of them. Applying the tips provided could make you a new friend. It’s important to make a new acquaintance feel wanted and heard while expressing positive responses.

A great place to practice this is on Livebeam, the platform which helps a lot of lonely individuals find people who are open to discussions and are all open to a great chat. Sign up on Livebeam and experience this feeling firsthand!

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