How to make walking a complete workout

I discovered How to turn walking into a complete exercise routine.

I Discovered How To Turn Walking Into A Complete Exercise Routine.

I discovered how to turn walking into a complete exercise routine.

Keys to making walking into a complete exercise

with bring walking back into an exercise routine To use all muscle groups, it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations during the activity:

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How To Make Walking A Complete Workout

  • Add weight to your arms or legs: It increases energy expenditure. You can carry low karat weights, do exercises like bicep curls or shoulder raises, air punches or circular movements with your arms while walking. From time to time, you can do squats, lunges, and deadlifts; and/or work the adductors and abductors with sandbags.
  • Give it intensity: Walking at a steady, brisk pace reduces the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. The idea is to keep your heart rate between 60% and 80% of maximum.
  • Use the environment: Using the environment is important to increase physical activity during walking. For example, you can stop doing bench squats or calf raises. Also, you can do push-ups on a bench or planks.
  • Change the terrain: Choosing challenging surfaces, such as trails with loose dirt or dry sand, will increase the physical demand and provide additional benefits. In addition, by changing your pace and route, you encourage routine and avoid monotony.
  • Take a walk after eating: In addition to aiding digestion, it has tangible effects in regulating blood sugar levels. Just a few minutes of brisk walking after eating can reduce the sudden fluctuations that contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes.
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