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How to Manage Technology With Your Kids Without Trying

In episode 12 of Chat de Mamis por Spotify, we’re going to talk about the use of technology with our kids. While we focus on challenges and tools for those with a diagnosis, what we link here may be useful for children with neuroticism.

In most households, the misuse of mobile devices has become one of the main conflicts between parents and children. Between parents and sometimes between grandparents and parents. The boys take advantage of the lack of compromise and the speed at which everything can happen in the digital world.

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This speed has nothing to do with the fact that the “little thumb generation”, i.e. the first born with touch devices in the history of humanity, derives rapid gratification without giving us the time to know that this What to do with the new event. Wasn’t there when we were kids.

They are called thumb because they have built-in use of fingers to slide or act on the screen.

In my humble opinion as a mother they are difficult to handle- as there is no reference to what to do with them in recent times.

In other words, no one can tell me that when my dad told me to stop playing online, I paid attention to him.

No one has experience with it and that vertigo is something that leaves us at a loss.

I wrote my first notes for the regional supplement Dario La Nacion on a computer with a CPU, recorded it on a floppy disk and took it by bus from Monte Grande to the nation’s headquarters on Bouchard Street.

In other words, there are one, no, two worlds apart between these young people and those who buy bitcoins from cell phones.

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For people within the spectrum, tools are even more appealing because they are predictable and generate instant gratification without the cost of the work that implies interacting with each other for our children.

That is: reading the context in which things occur, describing what one is expected to do socially and understanding what happens to the other to produce the much-desired circle of communication.

Don’t you often feel overwhelmed by the need for quick answers in the face of the pace of our children?

I’ll tell you a personal one. I control Antonio’s use of technology and he only has one free game on his phone.

However, I had to put my cell phone online with another old cell phone because I always lose it by hiding it in unusual places so that he can’t find it.

That’s why I opted to use Find My iPhone to geolocate devices in the same home!

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Similarly, I have to admit that I lost an Android that I couldn’t put on the network and I lost an old mobile for a whole year that was hidden in an empty suitcase.

Places where I managed to hide it:

Under the pillow, under the mattress of my bed. In the tapper drawer, in the knife drawer.

In a cupboard with glasses, in a box with cookies.

I don’t know if I mentioned him before, but one of Antonio’s superpowers is his visual memory and it’s very hard to hide something because he pretends not to be seen and when you’re not careful, the can goes off .

The advancement of technology and especially during pandemics, it compels us to think and create an action plan so that this vicious cycle between borders and misuse of technology does not continue to reign in the relationship between us. Parents and children. Son.

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parental control

family link

This tool allows parents and caregivers to establish basic digital rules that guide children and teens’ Internet browsing and device use. For example, with Family Link, you can schedule devices to be used; Set a bedtime so that the cell phone is blocked when it’s time to rest and even check the activity of apps. The Family Link app is free and available for Android and iOS. For more information about this tool, you can consult the Family Link site (


pic4me (google, free)

say it (free)

enhanced alternative communication

action block

This application allows users with cognitive disabilities to use Android phones and tablets more easily and to associate common actions on the home screen with a name or image. An action block, such as a picture, can be selected to trigger a related action, such as calling a loved one. A few years ago, the application included picture communication symbols to improve communication for people with neurodiversity. App is available on Google Play


I take everything (free)

cognitive stimulation for our children

Tiny Tap (not free)

Tina the Fruit Eater (Free)

All math (paid)

Speech bubbles (paid)

Reading Tools on Google Play Books

Google Play Books is an application that promotes reading by grouping electronic books, audiobooks, comics and manga. Over the past year, the app integrated reading tools to help all families engage and enjoy the habit. Some integrated functionalities are:

  • Read and listen: describes a book and highlights the text that is read aloud;

  • Dictionary for kids (tap to read and kid-friendly dictionary): allows you to touch a word to read it and provides definitions for younger audiences, often with illustrations to illustrate concepts .

By browsing the Google Play Books app, you can find an extensive list of books for boys and girls up to age 8, and most have reading devices enabled. You can also download a free sample of any children’s book to confirm if the devices are enabled for that title before purchasing the book.


It is a set of experiments conducted in collaboration with affiliated organizations of the Accessibility community that allow us to explore how creative activities – drawing, music and others – can be made more accessible using technology. Creativity involves some of the following experiments

  • Keyboard: Allows you to play music on the keyboard in a variety of ways, either by using a mouse or a computer keyboard. This is also possible through technology such as webcams that track body movement.

  • Sound Canvas: This is a drawing tool that works through sight with a mouse or keyboard and provides immediate feedback through sound.

  • En el sitio web de creativity ( You can find out more about the available experiments.

create stories

Toontastic (Google)

super story maker

cognitive stimulation

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