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How to Organize a Home: 7 Useful and Easy Tricks to Learn to Organize

disorder One of the main enemies of domestic organization is because in vainannoying and subtract time from productivity while performing various activities. While it is impossible to always have a clean home, it is also true that a plethora of things and scattered and out of place objects They can affect physical and mental health and directly affect our mood.

as Marie Kondo, the Japanese who made it view of orderThe first step in organizing a home is to throw away everything we don’t use or need. But the second step, no less important, is to develop habits of maintaining that order Without so much effort, and it is very expensive for those who are naturally messy.

Before launching to order it would be convenient to know exactly what home position, As explained by the creator of the IG account The Organization Wiz, ingrid donOne bugle“So that organization Sea efficient, according to the constitution of the family will have to be implemented. It will not be the same for a person living alone as it is for a couple with children.”

The first step in organizing a home is to throw away everything we don't use or need.  Photo: Shutterstock

The first step in organizing a home is to throw away everything we don’t use or need. Photo: Shutterstock

How to start ordering home and never stop trying?

To start with the routine of order and organization in the home there are three golden rules that should be followed to the letter: empty, cleanliness You organize one room at a time,

In this sense, the professional organizer Brenda Haines Explained that two things should be kept in mind before starting the work in order not to leave it in the middle.have enough time to start with a place and finish the same day,

On the other hand, he advised Don’t take it all out at oncebut divide the space into several parts and finish one part at a time, and don’t move on to the next not until end with last,

IG account creator your organized spaceIt is also detailed what supplementary goods With those that will need to be counted when starting to organize the house, that will help make everything a lot easier:

Consortium Exchange Black and green or any other color to separate the waste from the items to be donated.

· a ladder To reach all the higher shelves.

an ironing board, It will serve as a place of support for folding clothes and for separating and classifying all kinds of items when organizing a wardrobe.

· A vacuum cleaner, For vacuuming corners, closet floors and drawers.

, and certainly tablet or mold for folding Clean all your clothes.

How To Keep The House Clean And Organized: 7 Easy And Useful Tricks

,everything is easy when it’s organized and neat”, highlights Hajnal, who assures that even the messiest people can replace the chip. And acquire new customs.

As he insisted, “It is an act that can be done by will own instrument, Expenses not included and most important, high quality of lifeIn this sense, he also highlighted the importance of discard what is not usedfurther apart, classify in boxes what is protected. Finally, give it a space and label it at the end so that all members of the household know where to take it and where to return it.”

next, 7 simple and very useful tricks In order to apply and leave home:

1. Clear Surface

en general Flat surfaces are a magnet for disorder, because on them all kinds of things are gathered. The ideal is to give each a specific place.

Thus, when ordering, it may happen that a destination is not found for all items left on the table, or on a piece of furniture, and it is decided to throw them away when realizing that, moreover, they are not are useful for a long time and there is no point in keeping them.

Keeping clothes or important papers in baskets or boxes helps in maintaining order in the house.  Photo: Archive

Keeping clothes or important papers in baskets or boxes helps in maintaining order in the house. Photo: Archive

2. Goodbye Papers

Papers pile up easily and add to the clutter. a way to keep them in one place and maintain order keep them in the filing cabinet, tray hey drawer Intention just for that.

However, only those papers should be kept which may have short-term utility and which are useless and only take up space, such as invoices which are overdue for more than a year or old notes.

3. Dirty clothes in one place

It is very common to take off dirty clothes and leave them on the chair, on the bed or just on the floor. ideal for maintaining order use the basket wicker, plastic or other material and place it near the bathroom or bedroom, where someone usually takes off clothes.

This way, it will prevent the clothing from splattering around, and it will help Customize Time Because all the dirty clothes will be in one place.

The kitchen is the most frequently used room in the house and one of the hardest to keep clean.  Photo: Illustration Shutterstock

The kitchen is the most frequently used room in the house and one of the hardest to keep clean. Photo: Illustration Shutterstock

4. Kitchen, the main place to maintain order

It is impossible to always keep the kitchen bright and tidy, as it is one of the most used rooms in the house, but making some changes and Incorporate Some Daily Habits That would be enough to keep everything more controlled.

Cooking requires the use of many ingredients, so the first step place normal order Utensils and containers are to be placed in labeled boxes on furniture or on shelves. This will help you find them easily and not spill everything on the counter.

On the other hand, there is a habit of incorporating and putting into practice every day. wash while cooking, Thus, the chaos that usually remains at the end of this task is avoided.

5. Bathrooms that are not used every day are saved

The bathroom, apart from the kitchen, is another environment that must be kept clean and is more difficult to maintain in that condition. collection of hygiene products They cause our closets to become cluttered and disorganized easily.

To combat this, it would be convenient to leave visible products that are needed on a daily basis and discard or eliminate products that have not been used in recent months.

One of the main reasons why boys' rooms are always messy are toys.  Photo: Shutterstock

One of the main reasons why boys’ rooms are always messy are toys. Photo: Shutterstock

6. Winter Dresses Vs Summer Dresses

do changing clothes every 6 months It can be tedious, but this task will help us to keep the closet neat and tidy.

To save work and time, an interesting resource is to use containers and organizers to categorize clothing by clothing and know where to find them for a special occasion without you having to use it after a while.

7. Clean Toys, It’s Possible

When it comes to a family with kids, toys are one of the main reasons why your room can always get messy.

To remove this inconvenience, it is recommended that use boxes, drawers or bags to store them without worrying too much. In this way, they too could help in maintaining order in their room.


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