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How to start a healthy diet in 4 steps to success? – OI Canadian

Starting a healthy diet is a lot easier than you think if you are clear about a series of basic concepts to generate satiety and avoid muscle catabolism.

How To Start A Healthy Diet In 4 Steps To Success?

Last Update: March 12, 2022

Knowing how to start a healthy diet the right way is the key to following it well in the medium and long term. Otherwise, anxiety may appear, resulting in dropouts and a possible subsequent rebound effect. This is something that should always be avoided.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that instead of thinking about starting a diet, The right thing to do would be to encourage change in habits at a general level. Not only that when it comes to nutrition. Physical exercise, regular sunlight exposure and a good night’s sleep will also be important.

Steps to Successfully Starting a Healthy Diet

Next, we are going to discuss the important steps that you must follow to successfully start a healthy diet, with a high percentage of adherence so that it can be maintained for years.

1. Pay Attention to Toxic Habits

The first thing that should be banned, or at least minimized, is toxic habits. Among them we can highlight mainly the consumption of alcohol. This socially accepted drug has been shown to cause great harm to human health. It manages to have a negative effect on the state of body composition, while providing empty calories.

Alcohol is one of those habits that must be eliminated for a healthy diet.

may be the first step Replace beer and high-proof mixed drinks with wine, as it is taken in moderation and has a low alcohol content. From here, the next step is to alternate this drink with sparkling water, later gradually removing it from the routine.

2. Reduce Consumption of Highly Processed Foods

Ultra-processed foods of industrial origin are actually injurious to health, Their interior contains large amounts of simple sugars and trans fats that increase the level of inflammation and the risk of getting sick. According to research published in the journal diabetes and metabolic syndrome, Regular consumption of this type of lipid increases the risk of diabetes and cancer.

Instead it is recommended to include in the diet Lots of fresh food. In the case of vegetables they are characterized by their concentration in essential nutrients and phytochemicals. Also, it is important that fruits and vegetables are a fundamental part of the daily routine.

3. Ensure Protein Intake

Many diets fail because they fail to cover the minimum daily protein intake, which is a condition characterized by the generation of hunger, a feeling of fatigue, and a progressive destruction of muscle mass. its determinant Get at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day Andn sedentary people, If we talk about athletes, then these requirements can be easily repeated.

Although, At least half of the protein in the diet should be of high biological value, They contain all the essential amino acids and have a good score in terms of digestibility. Even consuming whey protein supplements in the guidelines can be an efficient strategy for increasing satiety.

4. Beware of Simple Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are not forbidden in the context of a healthy diet, but they should be of quality. Above all, complex types should be preferred. Which can be found in tubers and beans. Other foods such as quinoa and rice may also be recommended. Of course, the intake of such food will be commensurate with the degree of physical activity performed.

It’s easy to start a healthy diet successfully

as you see, There are several simple tricks to successfully starting a healthy diet that can be maintained over time., The most important thing is to generate feed, and for that you have to make sure you don’t go hungry. Foods rich in fiber, protein and fat will be decisive in achieving this goal.

To conclude, we must note that you can always turn to a nutritionist’s figure to optimize the nutritional pattern. In this way, it will be ensured that there is no deficiency in terms of essential nutrients, which can lead to conditioning of health conditions over time.

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