How to Stay Free and Visit the Post Office

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Do you want to visit the place where the letters of thousands of children who write to Santa Claus arrive and stay in his hut at the North Pole? The post office or post office of Santa Claus, as well as his rest cabin, located in the Arctic Circle, open their doors to guests and guests.

Where do the letters that children send to Santa Claus go?

Like every year, children are already thinking about what they will ask Santa Claus for Christmas. Whether you leave your letter on the tree or send it through the mail, or through the traditional post office, Santa never fails to receive a message from every well-behaved child during the year.

There is a lot of magic involved in this process, but the truth is that every one of the requests made by the children arrives at the Official Post Office of Santa Claus. This office is located in the Arctic Circle, that is, the North Pole, specifically in Rovaniemi, Finland.

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Sin Of Santa Claus Post Office In Finland
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How to Visit Santa’s Post Office at the North Pole

As one can imagine, the North Pole Post Office is home to hundreds of elves who help receive, sort, and channel mail from children and adults. This Christmas 2023 this place will be opened through Airbnb so that guests from all over the world can stay and help the elves in this work and experience the joy of Christmas 2023.

There has been postal activity in the area since the 1950s, and Santa Claus’ Main Post Office has been operating since the 1980s. It is the only official Santa Claus post office in the world and is managed by the Finnish postal services. Built from natural stone and pine trees, it is open all year round and welcomes about half a million visitors from all over the world every year. At Santa’s main post office, visitors are greeted by elves dressed for the holidays.

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Facade Entrance Of The Santa Claus Post Office In Finland
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Guests at Santa’s cabin are invited to enjoy a stay and become part of the elf team for a day at Santa’s Post Office. Visitors will receive a crash course in elves, led by Head Elf Katja, and will work with her team to help sort through letters from children and adults around the world, cross-referencing the them on the “naughty and nice” list. Santa.

Visitors will also participate in all kinds of tasks: emptying mailboxes and helping the elves stamp the mail with a special Arctic Circle stamp before it reaches Santa, and learn about everyday Post Office duties.

How To Stay Free And Visit The Post Office

After attending to their elf duties, guests can enjoy traditional Finnish meals, a snowmobile activity, a trip to see the Northern Lights and, the most Finnish experience of all, a traditional sauna.

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Where is Santa Claus’ cabin in Rovaniemi, Finland, and what is it?

Guests stay at Santa’s cabin, a stone’s throw from the post office. The cabin room has been given a Christmas makeover with traditional Lapland decorations, an elf wardrobe and all the accessories you’d expect from a cozy elven retreat in deep Arctic Circle.

Staying at Santa Claus’s Cabin is free.

Room In Santa Claus Cabin In Finland
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How to book Santa’s cabin to stay

The Santa Claus Cabin stay in Finland is available for 3 nights from December 18 to 21, 2023. Guests can request to book this stay on Monday, December 11 at 4:00 am CST at holy

Guests will receive complimentary return flights to Rovaniemi from London Heathrow Airport via Finnair, thanks to Visit Finland. The stay is suitable for a maximum of two adults and two children, and will be free, including breakfast and dinner.