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How To Succeed At Your Job In 2023: 5 Trends That Will Mark The Workplace This Year, According To Multiple Experts

2023 isn’t supposed to be a great year in the labor sector, at least in terms of some sectors, but it’s possible that it will. the year in which you finally succeed in your job,

Sectors that have been bona fide bastions of job creation in the past, such as the technology sector, are seeing how their core companies are making significant applications. template cutout Facing adverse economic conditions and possible recession.

Giants such as Amazon, Google, Meta (parent company of Facebook) or Microsoft have announced tens of thousands of layoffs and attributed the cuts to cost reduction and instability of the economy, However, some experts indicate that these workforce cuts are due to an excessive number of hiring by the sector during the pandemic.

The occupations employing the most this year agree with these experts, because, out of 5 Jobs with more career opportunities in 20234 are directly related to the field of technology.

Beyond the technology sector, and although only 1 in 4 companies in Spain say they intend to hire during the first quarter of the year, prospects for the future are good and the first half of January in this country for social Security affiliation data therefore supports this. ,

maybe 2023 The Year You Finally Succeed in the Workplace And here you will be able to find out the 5 trends that are going to mark the professional sector this year. Based on academic research and recommended by experts in the field, these keys can help you achieve success.

Companies will hire on the basis of skill and not on the basis of titles

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cited a study by consulting firm Remote forbes does note Skill based hiring increased by 63% In the past year, as more and more companies value the skills of their employees more than their professional experience or academic titles.

Another analysis, in this case by the Burning Glass Institute and which compared millions of job offers published in online portals, found that the number of jobs requiring a university degree fell From 51% who registered in 2017 to 44% who did so in 2021,

This trend may be especially relevant to you if you intend to be successful at your job, but you don’t have specialized training. A recruitment model that will begin to be implemented in 2023 and could, according to this survey, expand the talent pool, improve the pace of hiring and promote diversity of profiles in the workforce.

The flexible working model is here to stay

A job that has no start or end time and allows you to work 4 days more and thus get one more day off in a week. A few years ago, this system seemed like science fiction (it may still do so in some cases), but another trend that will influence this 2023 is that labor flexibility has become the standard.

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A Nurse Checks A Patient'S Monitor.

Another report cited by forbesCase in point research center Executive Networks Global Research shows that, when employees are asked what matters most to them regarding the flexibility of their jobs, more and more people cite flexible hours to the prospect of teleworking. Choose. from anywhere.

This trend, which directly confronts the vision of businessmen like Elon Musk, communicates with the impulse that the model 4 day work week, A system that advocates faith in the worker and the promotion of their well-being as a means of achieving a greater economic and business benefit.

Las soft skills And its development will be paramount.

Mid-Morning Snack, Meeting, Co-Workers

Author and expert on communication skills in the professional sphere, Robert Chen defends fast company This will be one of the trends that will mark the workplace in 2023 development of interpersonal skills between members of organizations.

“Opportunities to enhance skills will become a key retention strategy demonstrating the willingness of organizations to foster employee growth and development,” explains Chen, citing the fact that companies are, for example, continuing to learn. His desire to keep

author of Selling Your Expertise: The Mindset, Strategies, and Tactics of Successful Rainmakers states that “giving candidates and employees the opportunity to develop or learn new skills is a solution for employers who want to remain competitive in the marketplace and increase the effectiveness of their current team.”

Remuneration to be increasingly transparent

In Spain, there is still a certain ambiguity regarding the salary earned in a given job, except in specific sectors. An issue that affects both when looking for a new job and when trying to get a pay raise. However, 2023 could be the year that trend changes.

“Pay transparency is one way to fix the pay gap and eliminate pay discriminationWhich would be a great win,” Chen said. fast company, “Wage discrimination is a problem that has plagued the employment sector for a very long time, and implementing pay transparency can help address the situation.”

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Ford Workers Install A Battery Charger In A Ford Focus Electric Vehicle At A Michigan Assembly Plant.

If this trend materializes in 2023, not only will employees see significant benefits, but companies will see improvements in the applications themselves. According to Chen, when candidates can be sure that both the qualifications and compensation are what they’re looking for, it’s just a matter of time to submit an application.

Organizations will promote diversity, equity and inclusion

Eat With Coworkers

Several experts specialized in the professional field are maintained in Researcher Harvard Business Review Organizations’ drive for diversity, equity and inclusion will be one of the trends that will mark the future of the labor market in 2023.

According to a study done by the same experts, 42% of employees believe so Your organization’s efforts on diversity, equity, and inclusion create conflict, A conflict, he says, that could undermine the commitment, inclusion and trust of these workers.

To prevent this from happening (and for companies and employees to continue to benefit from all the assets these qualities bring to organizations), researchers recommend equipping managers with the tools and strategies to engage workers who are ready to change. shows reluctance.

Those strategies “can be from”create safe space to actively highlight issues for each group based on their demographics,” to “communicate and promote” encourage fellowship recognition and visibility to colleagues”, so that everyone has the space and can be successful in their work.

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