How to Track Mercado Libre Shipments from the Web and Cell Phone

How to Track Mercado Libre Shipments from the Web and Cell Phone

Just a few months ago, we learned that Amazon had overtaken the Latin American giant for the first time in the electronic market competition. free marketaccording to data from From the beginning, Where Walmart, Liverpool and Copal also featured in the top five sales positions.

Nevertheless, a Mercado Libre 58% in preference Mexicans, so it’s a service with a huge reach. so today we are going to teach you How to track Mercado Libre shipment From cell phone and from website.


How to track my Mercado Libre shipment from my cell phone

If you’ve already purchased an item, you’re most likely wondering when it will arrive. We can easily find this information by checking the shipping status in Mercado Libre. To check this, we need to do the following:

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  • in the application of free market which is available for both iOS and Android, first we have to log in.
  • now we will click on three horizontal menu lines and from the options we will choose the section of “My Shopping”.
My Shopping App Mercado Libre

  • Within this section you will see all the products that have pending shipment, pick and choose the one you want to track “Shipment Details”.
Free Market Shopping

  • In this section you will get the data, date of delivery And parcel if necessary, that way you can be sure when your order arrives.
Order Details Mercado Libre App

How to track my Mercado Libre order on the website

  • As in the application, we need to enter our credentials to log in to the website.
  • then we’ll go to the section “my purchases” Which is located at the top right next to our profile.
My Shopping Mercado Libre

  • This section is where you will find all the orders you have placed, once again, choose the one you want to track and click on it “Shipment Details”.
Free Market Shopping

  • Likewise, it is in this section where you will find all package data And when are you going to get it?
Description Sent To Mercado Libre

And ready, as you see, Mercado Libre packages are very easy to trackRemember that if you have any doubts, you can consult the Mercado Libre buying guide that we have for you where you can see everything about how to make purchases on this platform.

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