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How to Track My Daughter’s iPhone Location and Keep a Low Profile

We live in a new, digital era, and the dangers that may await children now also hover in the virtual space and have not gone away. Worried parents these days have many more ways to stay in touch with their offspring throughout the day but often wonder – how to track my daughter’s iPhone location?

Everyone is talking about location services, but only a few actually use the built-in utilities on their multifunctional gadgets to the fullest. Recently, some good apps have appeared on the market that have undeniable benefits and saved the nerves of more than one parent. You may not have even suspected it, but there are several effective ways to see the whereabouts of your daughter at any time of the day.

Google Maps: How to Track My Daughter’s Phone for Free on Different OS

The service that we often use to get our route to a new place or see traffic jams can also help in monitoring the location of our closest people. What’s more, you don’t have to pay a penny. The main thing to do first is to make sure that both phones have this program installed – then, it will be easy to track daughter’s cell phone.

Depending on the situation, you can ask your child to activate the service or do it personally.

Remember two important things:

  • to monitor another device, it is not necessary that your gadget is traceable in Google Maps.
  • in turn, you need the target device to have “Location sharing” enabled before you can start tracking it.

Here’s what you need to do when setting up the process for the first time:

  1. Take your target Android or iPhone, tap on the avatar in Google Maps, and click on “Location sharing”.
  2. After that, choose with whom and for how long you want to share this parameter. Click “Share”.
  3. Then, take your device, click on your avatar and “Location sharing”. You will see that you can track iPhone location of your child now.

Find My iPhone: How Do I Track My Daughter’s iPhone Location Using an iPhone?

Find My iPhone is an app that can be found through Settings and then clicking on your Apple account at the very top. More specifically, you’ll need an icon called Find My – that’s where two or more iPhone users can perform location tracking in a few taps.

Once you toggle on Find My iPhone service on the target device, you can use this free app to track the device in two ways.

  • First, you can log in to iCloud using the target iPhone’s credentials on the website. Then find the service and select the device to see it on the map.
  • Secondly, you can enable all options on the target phone, namely, Find My Network, Send Last Location and Share My Location, in the Find My iPhone window. Then tap on Family Sharing and select people (yourself as a parent) for the child’s device to share the location with you. Finally, on your device, open Find My, and you will see an iPhone and can track daughter’s phone location.
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uMobix: Best Way to Track My Daughter’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Umobix Best Way To Track My Daughters Phone Without Her Knowing

Using a third-party app has only one drawback – it is paid. Therefore, uMobix is used to solve many issues with one powerful solution. It is a crowd favorite with a built-in GPS service, a tracker for social media, instant messengers, and Internet use. The icing on the cake – parents can track their daughter’s iPhone without her knowing.

While the mentioned location trackers can make their activity visible by sending notifications here and there, uMobix can track daughter’s cell phone running in stealth mode. This way, the child will not be prompted to turn off the internet altogether if they become annoyed due to the constant supervision. What’s more, the tool allows you to see the last visited places and shows the exact time and date.

Having at hand such an application that helps to secretly track all the important processes on the child’s phone, parents can no longer worry about what content they are browsing on the sly, who they are talking to on the phone, and what photos and videos exchange. This information and more collectively enters the dashboard and is updated every 5 minutes.

How Use Find My Friends App to Track Daughter’s Phone?

If the search for Find My Friends on the target device did not bear fruit, do not rush to start searching in the App Market. The thing is that all versions of iPhones starting from iOS 13 saw the service combined with Find My iPhone – now, all the functionality and the ability to track iPhone location is enclosed in the short name Find My.

If your version is earlier than iOS 12, then we have something to talk about – after all, you can find the location of your family members or friends from any Apple gadget.

For this utility to function correctly and work in general, make sure that:

  • your and target device have Find My Friends service
  • if you see no friends, enter their iCloud email address (target device) and click Submit Request
  • accept the request on the target device – now it is displayed in the list, and you can continue with location tracking

Verizon Smart Family: How to Track Daughter’s iPhone and Manage It?

This is another subscription-based tool with a GPS service in its monitoring scope. It will not allow you to see the correspondence and content as it is, but it has the answer to your question, “How to track my daughter’s location on iPhone?” and some other useful features under the belt like:

  • tracking your child’s driving
  • receiving push notifications from them when they need a ride with you
  • cutting screen time, blocking sites
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When it comes to locating, Verizon Smart Family can do it too, and the service will send alerts to parents when the device and its holder arrive at their destination.


The choice of apps to track daughter’s phone is not easy, and it is quite possible that you will have to go through trial and error before you determine the best option. Perhaps using apps to track daughter’s phone location isn’t always the place to start – sometimes, they also need to be given a little space to develop personal responsibility and self-care skills.


How can I track my daughter’s phone without her knowing?

You can use a third app like uMobix to track daughter’s location on her phone. In addition, this is not the only feature you can benefit from with this product.

Can I track my daughter’s iPhone from my Android?

Yes, if you use Google Maps. However, even a child can disable this service on their phone. In comparison, hidden applications will not make themselves felt and will not attract attention.

Is there an app to track my daughter’s phone?

Yes, apps to track daughter’s phone can be divided into free and paid ones. While the former focus only on determining the location (such as Find My iPhone), the latter include a whole range of additional insights. Also, paid product solutions allow you to track iPhones without access to target devices.

How can I track my daughter’s text messages?

When you select an app to track my daughter’s iPhone, you can find out not only where she is but who she interacted with during the day, that is, data on calls and messages, even deleted ones, posts on social networks, searches in the browser, and so on. uMobix monitors this and other information on the target device.

How can I track my daughter’s Verizon iPhone free?

After you download the free cell phone tracking app for iPhone or Android and sign up, you need to upgrade your subscription. The service does not offer a free trial at the moment.

Can I keep track of my daughter’s iPhone without knowing her Apple ID?

If you are thinking, “How can I track my daughter’s iPhone?”, just share the location in Find My on the target device and add a family member in the Set Up Family Sharing section. The device will be visible to family members for whom such access was given by the owner of the target device. Alternatively, turn to the Google Maps service.

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