How will America fare in the final if it arrives as the top seed?

How will America fare in the final if it arrives as the top seed?

The Eagles were league leaders in short tournaments nine times, but were only able to win the championship title once.

America reached the final of Opening 2023 By beating Atlético de San Luis in the semi-finals and aiming for the long-awaited 14th star, they will also have the opportunity to reverse a negative statistic every time they finish the tournament in first place in the championship.

The fact that Coapa finished as the regular tournament leader was not reflected in Coapa’s track record, having only had 12.5 percent success since the introduction of short tournaments.

The feather team has nine leaders in the current format, but has only managed to win the trophy once, and that was on the orders of Antonio “Turco” Mohamed.

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Mohamed, now with the Pumas, was the only coach who managed to take the lead in the regular phase and become champions with the Águilas. On this occasion, the Turk left the Universidad and Monterrey club to celebrate against the Tigres.

In the 2013 Apertura, Miguel Herrera was on the verge of becoming champions with the Águilas after finishing the regular phase as the best team. The problem was that the feathered team lost in the final against León with a total score of 5:1.

Opening 2023 finalist
Opening 2022 Semifinals
Opening 2021 Quarter finals
Opening 2014


Opening 2013 Second
Opening in 2005 Quarter finals
Opening in 2002 Quarter finals
Summer 2001 Semifinals
Summer 97 Quarter finals
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After Mohamed’s success, the leaders of the America In the regular phase they became a fiasco in the league phase. In the Apertura 2021, under the direction of Santiago Solari America He had a bye in the quarterfinals, while in the Apertura 2022, led by Fernando Ortiz, he had a bye in the semifinals.

Also in the summer of 1997, in the summer of 2001, in the Apertura 2002 and in the Apertura 2005, the Azulcrema were able to boast of being leaders, although in these editions they could celebrate at most one semi-final, which they lost against Pachuca, with which they repeatedly surprised the Águilas .

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At the moment, America They secured the lead two days before the end of regulation and have not lost in the tournament since day one, when they lost 2-1 to Juárez at Azteca Stadium.

Americalike the Brazilian coach André Jardine, dream of placing the fourteenth star on the club’s shield and this could happen in the first tournament of the strategist who won the gold medal in Coapa at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.