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How’s the new suit that seeks to help people with motor problems

This Suit Is Available In Europe For Both Men And Women From Sizes 104Cm To 5Xl For Kids And Adults Https://
This suit is available in Europe for both men and women from sizes 104cm to 5XL for kids and adults

The woman in the video’s name is Luisa, she has multiple sclerosis and managed to walk after an hour of training with a suit that works through it. Low frequency electrostimulation. It sounds like science fiction, but it is not. This suit, which is in the experimental stage, Stimulates blood flow restoring balance to the muscles.

Science and technology lead the way in curing major diseases, including those that are related to neurological issues. This suit, which is still under study by researchers, is called the Exoples Moly suit. What it does is reduce elasticity and activate the muscles. this is the first Complete neuromodulation suite that relaxes tense and spastic muscles, as well as activates weak muscles and relieves associated pain.

“This suite fundamentally changes the field of approach to neurological disorders and related symptoms,” as explained on the German brand’s official site. It uses a physiological reflex mechanism called reciprocal inhibition, which sends an electrical signal to an opposing muscle.

As a result the tense muscle relaxes. The combined effect of loosening tight muscles and activating weak muscles allows users to enjoy a more active daily life with less pain.”

Is it a medical device that has been tested by science and low-frequency electrostimulation of the whole body is used, reducing the specific symptoms associated with Neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke or spinal cord injury.

available in suit europa from children and adults 104 cm in size 5XLFor both men and women.

Its technology allows it to be preloaded with standard programs and adapted to the needs of the user based on the patient’s diagnosis. also includes There are 58 embedded electrodes, positioned to stimulate 40 major muscles throughout the body.

Manufacturers recommend using 1 hour every two days in case of convulsions. If it is related to chronic pain, it can be used for 1 hour every day. The suit should always be less than a healthcare professional specifies its use and is in conjunction with physical therapy, training or activity.

Now, what is this technology about? Neuromodulation is a technique that acts directly on nerves to produce a natural biological response., It involves the alteration—or modulation— of neural activity by administering electrical agents directly to the targeted area.

Neuromodulation Is A Technique That Acts Directly On Nerves To Produce A Natural Biological Response Https://
Neuromodulation is a technique that acts directly on nerves to produce a natural biological response

It is a stimulant without side effects because it is not invasive or pharmacological and the achieved successes are already visible in many patients around the world.

Suite Features

spastic muscle relaxation

maintaining or increasing the range of motion

Muscle activation and retraining

Symptomatic relief and management of associated chronic intractable pain

increase local blood circulation

Neuromodulatory stimulation is non-invasive and non-pharmacological and has limited side effects compared to other invasive or pharmacological treatments for spasticity.

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