Huge anger at 'socialite' when asked about Miguel Torres


David Bustamante He comes in front of the press again and talks to the media to announce his new projects, The singer is full of excitement while talking about his next album, the songs of which will be composed by him. But when our Reporter Dario del Alcazar is mentioned miguel torres, The artist takes the hint and shows his Anger,

Our colleague talks to Bustamante about his comeback ‘dancing with the Stars’ The format that brought happiness back to the interpreter of ‘Two Men and a Destiny’, as he won the talent show and fell in love This is Olina Are Couple dance and current Bride, The fact of comparing his career through the program to that of current partner Miguel Torres Paula Echevarria And the singer is upset with the second one being removed.

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Great rebound by David Bustamante

“You won everything, not like Miguel Torres. What did you think?” our reporter asked. Then Bustamante changed his attitude: “You ruin everything, man. He says and walks away, “You ask me about Miguel, it’s ridiculous.” But it doesn’t stop there, because far from calming down, the singer returns to the fray to carry on. complaining For what happened.

“You play dirty, how ridiculous. “You ruin everything,” he insists. our partner apologize Claiming that the question was not intended with any ill intent, but Bustamante doesn’t see it that way: “You’re very rude” With what good intentions?” David walks away, tells the cameraman to stop recording and also lowers the reporter’s microphone.

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Bustamante’s anger has been “disproportionate”

Maria Verdoy, presenter of ‘Socialite’, classify this anger as “disproportionate”: “We, journalists, do this self-criticism And it’s true that sometimes we ask poor questions… but this wasn’t the case. “Celebrities should also be self-critical and know when it is inappropriate to react like this.”


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