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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Huge hydrocarbon cycle hidden in the oceans | Leader

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Washington: There are many cycles of matter and matter on the earth. These substances and principles participate in many processes. During these processes, they move from one place to another. Scientists have discovered a new cycle of such a huge hydrocarbon. The role of micro-organisms is very important in this. Not only that, these micro-organisms also clean the oil spilled in the sea.

Spreading oil in the sea for one reason or another is extremely harmful to the environment. This is because it poses a risk of death to many aquatic animals from sea level to deep inside. Besides, the process of cleaning the oil mixed in the sea is not available to man. While this is the case, the oil cleans the microorganisms very easily.

Until now, scientists knew very little about these multipurpose microorganisms. The research, published in Nature Microbiology, shows that a wide variety of micro-organisms can play a vital role in natural hydrocarbon emissions and related cycles. A detailed study of these micro-organisms reveals their ability to purify oils. Information can be obtained in this regard.

Connor Love, a scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said the oceans can contain a wide variety of micro-organisms, and their main food may be hydrocarbons.

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