Human rights organizations call for a demonstration against Victoria Villarruel’s crime | before the legislature

 Human rights organizations call for a demonstration against Victoria Villarruel's crime |  before the legislature

Human rights organizations are calling for a demonstration in front of the Buenos Aires Parliament (Peru 160) this Monday at 4:30 p.m. to express “our strongest opposition” to the actions of the impunity activist and candidate for Vice President of La Libertad Avanza, Victoria Villarruel, to “pay homage to the victims of terrorism”.

“We say that there were not two demons and the only terrorism was that of the genocidal state. We demand that all necessary measures be taken to prevent this provocation, which not only denies and falsifies historical truth, but also insults it.

Likewise, the human rights activists demanded that the Buenos Aires government, legislators and actors “from across the political spectrum” as well as “the social, student and trade union organizations that seek effectively to consolidate the rule of law and democracy, which we want to restore cost a lot are expressed in the same sense.”

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“It’s 30,000! It was genocide!” concludes the text bearing the signatures of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Línea Fundadora; Permanent Assembly for Human Rights; Argentine Foundation for Historical and Social Memory; relatives and companions of the 12 of the Holy Cross; Permanent Assembly for Human Rights La Matanza; North Zone of the Truth and Justice Memorial Commission; Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights; Argentine League for Human Rights.

Villarruel’s denial call

Just days after the current MP from La Libertad Avanza (LLA) had various ties to symbols of state terrorism such as Jorge Rafael Videla or Miguel Osvaldo Etchecolatz, an invitation to legislation in the legislature to honor this began circulating in Buenos Aires “Victims of Terrorism”.

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The leaflet states that the subpoena is MP Victoria Villarruel, although she has nothing to do with the Buenos Aires legislature as she holds a seat in the National Congress. The name of LLA lawmaker Lucía Montenegro appears smaller, one of Milei’s loyalists on the Buenos Aires front.

The invitation bears the seal of the Center for Legal Studies on Terrorism and Its Victims (Celtyv), the body chaired by Villarruel. Celtyv was formed in 2006 in response to the retrial of crimes against humanity. The main objective of this group is to prosecute the militants of the 70’s. Celtyv was formed as a branch of the Argentine Unity Association (Aunar), formed in 1993 by soldiers engaged in illegal repression.

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