Hurricane – Sarmiento: The Globe had a high-flying performance, a great goal from across the field, VAR errors and a crying Junin scorer

where the electricity More controversy than justice creates mystery and heartache. At least in this part of the world. follow the disillusionment student, which was interrupted by some technical intervention (one target changed, then rejected and one target accepted, which was confirmed despite being eliminated). In the first match of the quarterfinal series Libertadores Cup Against Paranaense, León turned the balance in his favor: VAR saved the Brazilian team from a penalty and a goal. Controversy, a sense of modern injustice. The story is more or less similar in local tournaments.

first part of Hurricane and Sarmientoa meeting that was not presented as a banquet in the antechamber, a authentic show, Sparks were created, they also included from Chile. kokaro And, in this context, the globe blew more powerfully and lowered with the marker. However, VAR was the main protagonist. The first shout had to be canceled due to an advanced position (the storm’s outcry was valid) and the partial 1–1 confirmation penalty was odd, which was also supported by the monitor.

Arguably, the Huracán played the best match of the tournament.
Arguably, the Huracán played the best match of the tournament.Web

In the first move, there A visual intervention in Cristaldo’s goal, Cabral’s, which prevents goalkeeper Meza from having full sight. A similar situation (less concrete, less obvious) occurred the night before, in a rejected goal by Libertadores against Estudiants. Later, Jonathan Torres He defined the penalty with class, for a foul that was, at least, awkward. Emiliano Mendez faced the maximum penalty for a breach by Cristaldo.

The striker, in the end, came out in tears, overwhelmed by a potential fracture in his left arm. Under the tension of the time, Huracan fans made a noble gesture: they applauded his exit on a stretcher, with all the precautions. He was taken to a nearby hospital.

And in a living room. CabralLeft, right, it was a brilliant goal from the mouthpiece, the ball hit the post, hit the goalkeeper and went into it. Against a great goal…, There were five clear scoring positions in El Globo during the first chapter. Then, as is often the case, he lowered his arms slightly, stockings, intensity. And Sarmiento is beautiful. It was really a mirage.

Patricios.  air fight between two handsome men in
Patricios. air fight between two handsome men inWeb

The night raised the temperature with another cry of the storm, a shot Gare While taking advantage of a live ball in the field. And whenever he attacked, he did it with common sense, with norm, with passion. in full flight from the left, Cabral raised his head and sent one center to the other border, where cristaldo He led the goal, first of all, in an almost artistic way. It was the culmination of a mass game, the best of the game, involving 20 consecutive touches between Huracán players, without any Sarmiento being able to even sniff the ball.

A few days ago, Sarmiento They beat River 2-1 at Memorial, It is a tactical team that takes advantage of its strengths and hides its flaws whenever possible. They were all exposed to the best version of the storm. Third, five points behind leader Atlético Tucumán. And with the right to dream.

Argentina have six places for the Copa Libertadores 2023. Boca has already obtained the first ticket to win the Professional League Cup. The champion of the 2022 tournament will qualify directly. The team that wins the Argentina Cup will achieve the same. The remaining places will be won by the first three teams in the annual general table, which includes points obtained in the LPF Cup (13 games) and the group stage of the 2021 tournament (total: 40 games). In such a situation, the third team will enter the Repechage of Cup.

Meanwhile, a further six teams will move to South American 2023, coming out of the same general table and six teams located after being classified for the Copa Libertadores. If a team already graded is repeated by another example, the spot will be for the next set in the same table.


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