Hurtigruten calls for safeguards against megacruise voyages to Norwegian fjords

Hurtigruten calls for safeguards against megacruise voyages to Norwegian fjords

Hurtigruten The government has warned that Norwegian companies must strengthen themselves against foreign cruise giants. The company is hiring more sailors in Norway after MS Otto Sverdrup becomes the ninth ship in the fleet, a hybrid ship making its maiden voyage with 179 new Norwegian maritime jobs and 12 apprentices.

This happens in connection with the change of operator of the ship hx (First Hurtigruten campaign) A hurtigruten norway And was registered in the country’s General Ship Registry. Therefore, all employees on the board are subject to Norwegian work environment law and collective agreements.

“If we want to prevent giant cruise ships from visiting Norwegian fjords and cities without leaving anything particularly local behind, strict requirements on local jobs and local impacts must be imposed. Now we are putting this into practice by bringing MS Otto Sverdrup home.” Director General De Hurtigruten, Hedda Felin.

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hurtigruten And seafarers’ organizations have worked together to obtain legislation requiring Norwegian wages and working conditions for foreign cruise ships. The government has been studying a new law on working conditions in Norwegian waters for some time hurtigruten Now there has been a demand to speed up this process.

“The government’s consultation proposal contains major flaws that in practice will worsen the competitive position of Hurtigruten and our Norwegian sailors, while the main foreign players can continue almost as before. He said, “We hope that strict regulations will be established quickly so that the maritime industry in Norway can benefit and we and others can create even more jobs in Norway.” Mill.

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