Hypnosis instead of general anesthesia for some pediatric surgeries

Hypnosis instead of general anesthesia for some pediatric surgeries

To reduce anxiety in young people and reduce general anesthesia, new medical imaging technologies are increasingly using hypnosis.

TVA Nouvelles had privileged access to a hypnosis session at the Montreal Children’s Hospital with Alexandre, 16 years old, who had to undergo a biopsy after receiving a kidney transplant.

This is the fourth time Alexandre has undergone a biopsy under hypnosis. He said he felt fine when he woke up.

“I feel good, and there are images that appear in my head. He is the one who guides me,” said the patient.

“Hypnosis is better,” he added.

“We use language to separate, to get inside ourselves. It’s like we close our fields of understanding, that we forget what’s outside to really concentrate on something,” explains Vicky Fortin, medical imaging technologist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

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This is a pilot project that started in 2019 after the visit of a medical imaging technologist in Europe, where the practice is more widespread.

Today, there are five technologists trained in hypnosis at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

In the last five years, about 200 young people have chosen hypnosis, which is only practiced in some cases.

Using this technique also allows anesthesiologists to be reassigned to other procedures because general anesthesia is not required when using hypnosis.

However, local anesthesia is necessary because hypnosis does not completely remove the pain.

The Montreal Children’s Hospital hopes to train other caregivers who can also practice medical hypnosis in other units.

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