Hyundai Venue, Creta and Alcazar top selling, the sale of this premium car is zero

Hyundai sold 44,022 units in January. This is 52,005 units less than the sale in January last year. This information was given by Rushlen in one of his reports. However, there has been month-on-month growth in the company’s sales. The company had sold 32,312 vehicles in December 2021 and sales in January 2022 were 36 per cent higher than in December 2021. In January 2022, in terms of sales, the company’s best performing product was Venue, but its sales have also declined by 3 percent year on year. Alcazar, meanwhile, showed month-on-month cell growth of 216 percent. The amazing thing is that last month, Elantra’s cell was zero. Let us know the details.

Creta at number two
In January 2021, the company had sold venue 11,779 units, which was only 11,377 units in January this year. Whereas, in January 2022, the venue was 10 percent more than in December 2021. In December 2021, the company had sold a total of 10,360 units of the venue. In terms of sales, Hyundai’s Creta was second in January, but the year-on-year sales of this SUV have come down sharply. In January 2021, Hyundai had sold a total of 12,284 units of Creta, which decreased to 9,869 units in January this year. That is 30 percent more than Creta’s sale in December 2021.

YoY decrease in sale of i20
Year-on-year sales of Hyundai i10 Grand NIOS and i20 have declined, but sales of these two hatchbacks have definitely seen month-on-month growth. The Nios i10 sold 10,865 units in January 2021, down from 6,841 units last month. Meanwhile, January 2022 sales are 11 percent higher than December 2021. Speaking of i20, its sales have declined by 24 percent year on year and it was 6505 units in January 2022. It was a relief for the company that sales of i20 were up 107 per cent from December last month.

Alcazar’s Month on Month Growth Percentage 216%
Speaking of Accent / Aura key, their cell has also decreased by 20%. Their year-on-year sales fell to 3,333 units in January, but their month-on-month sales increased by 94 per cent compared to December’s sales of 1,715 units. Similarly, Alcazar’s sales in January 2022 stood at 3,168 units and its month-on-month growth percentage was 216%.

Zero Hyundai Elantra’s cell
Hyundai Varna’s sales fell 19 per cent year-on-year and Santro’s 43 per cent year-on-year. Tucson, meanwhile, sold a total of 48 units last month, up from 125 units in January 2021. Elantra’s contribution to the company’s sale in January 2022 was zero units.



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