I already have one fixed, he scored a lot of goals for us


Genesis is still alive in the semifinals against Olimpia. Milton Flores, president of the club, gave his evaluations after the loss to Comayagua, but is confident that they will turn the situation around and advance to the grand final of the Apertura 2023.

Reynaldo Tilguath warns Olimpia and responds to Troglio’s complaints: “We will be more aggressive”

After the match at the Carlos Miranda Stadium, the president confirmed that Reynaldo Tilguath will continue to lead the team regardless of what happens on Sunday at Nacional. He also revealed that he already has a forward as reinforcement for the next championship and talked about the future of Alejandro Reyes, who dreams of playing in Costa Rica with Sporting FC.

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The match against Olimpia

“A great game, the mistake cost us the goal and that made the difference, we had a chance to equalize, but we were not good. Football has that touch of not being able to predict what can happen. “Continued We trust and bet on being in the final.”

An unforgettable campaign

“Thankful to God, the coaching staff and every player, despite the short time of preparation, some reinforcements that came to the team, we gave a surprise, we are a competitive team, we did not walk, we preparing for the next tournament, we are looking for reinforcements.”

Pedro Troglio is angry with the refereeing after Olimpia’s victory: “I don’t care if they call me crybaby”

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Dream about the title

“When we were at Ascenso, I dreamed that we would be promoted, that we would become champions and that we would win the final against Olimpia. Too bad it’s our turn in the semifinals, since then it hasn’t been fulfilled (laughs).

Can Alejandro Reyes play in Costa Rica?

“Alejandro commented to me, but we have a pending meeting with him, but I’m sure he will stay in the team.”

Alejandro Reyes, Génesis soccer player, also said he could be signed by a Costa Rican team


“I have already arranged, that today I have to come to Comayagua, we have to sign the contract. He is one who scored many goals for us in the tournament, I sent him the contract by mail and he will send it to me signed tomorrow. He is a forward. We talked to three others. “One central defender and two midfielders.”

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Coming to Tilguath

“Keep going, he has a contract and even if he tells me he wants to leave, I won’t let him go (laughs).”

Agreements with other teams to be signed

“Not yet. We talked to Olimpia since the last tournament that they would loan us some players, but in the end it didn’t happen. Let’s see if it’s possible in the next tournament.”