The technician who fearlessly accepts the challenge of managing the University of Chile


Last season in the National Championship there was a coach who caught everyone’s attention and now this name is heard to take the reins of a defeated team. University of Chile.

We are talking about Damián Muñoz, last year he coached Curicó Unidos and finished third in the National Championship and qualified for the Copa Libertadores. Now, after his departure from the cast, Tortero is free and so he is preparing to return to the ring in 2024, and the romantic traveler It’s a destination this coach wants. The truth is that University of Chile The future of Mauricio Pellegrino remains unresolved, however, everything indicates that he will stop being a coach after the current tournament.

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The Technician Who Fearlessly Accepts The Challenge Of Managing The University Of Chile
Muñoz was able to make history in Curicó

“The ideal is to have a chance in the First Division, but we do not close ourselves to First B. The project that the club has and their intentions that we can work calmly will be important. That they love us and appreciate our done in Curicó, especially in 2022. We are working in the best possible way to improve,” commented Muñoz in the dialogue with partners of En Cancha.

“In big clubs they always choose – usually – someone with experience, who has been in different teams. We are now moving along that line, although I do not doubt that, if a big team will call us tomorrow, we have the ability to do it in the best way,” added the coach, making it clear that he is not avoiding the time. to take the reins of a giant club like this University of Chile.

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“Throughout my career I walked slowly. In Curicó I did the whole training process: women, children, young people, technical assistants and then I arrived on campus. It’s nice to say ‘I want going to the U, in Colo Colo and that I’m qualified’, but need to understand about leadership,” said Damián Muñoz.

The Technician Who Fearlessly Accepts The Challenge Of Managing The University Of Chile
Muñoz is still waiting for his chance to direct again

He does not allow himself to be drawn into his past

In his time as a player, the coach who dreamed of taking the reins of University of Chile He was trained in Colo Colo, so it can be said that this past will tip the balance when making a decision.

Regarding this, Muñoz said: “You love all the clubs you are in, but when you are a coach you know that it is work and that with the team that hired you you have to do the best. That’s nor our mentality of my coaching staff. Leave everything in spite of the colors.”

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