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“I couldn’t go to sleep watching it grow so big”: we spoke to the author of Shortcut, a viral ChatGPT-based bot.

To Saint Sebastian Jordi Martí software developer at Lifull Connect, earning a lot of money was not the main motivation behind the creation of, a car whose popularity has exploded in Spain in recent days.

These bots are quite simple inside: a person enters his Twitter account, the Twitter API returns the last 70 tweets, and the ChatGPT engine uses them to generate a one-paragraph description of that user: who is he like? .

And although it was published for several weeks, it was the first weekend of March when he left. On Saturday 4th, more than 4,000 queries were registered. Sunday 5, almost 43,000. And so on.

Five API instructions and one reportable event

“I’m ready to switch to the ChatGPT machine for this bot’s secret story,” explains Jordi. “It’s not very complex, there are four or five instructions, but it’s very optimized, it had a lot of cleverness. At first, for example, he was obsessed with emojis, so I put a clear training like this. It didn’t mention emojis at all.”

Seventy tweets that select the account: the ChatGPT engine has a limit of 10,000 characters to analyze. 4,096 signs Or. Initially, this automated GPT API was used, but apart from being a bit different, it cost much more. Since OpenAI released the ChatGPT API, which has reduced the cost to millions, the possibilities have expanded. And, which was intended as a mere hobby, has been published for anyone to use.

So far, each query costs Jordi 6 cents. In mid-February, some connection with the car was made public on Twitter. and he fell asleep. When he woke up, he had a thousand bot searches. That is, a guarantee of 60 coins. No thinking.

The price of OpenAI’s change made its use of the car cheaper, it spread more, and first of all it was spread by others, such as Charles Santana (127,000 followers), popular artificial intelligence. Then, the snowball began to grow and fall I would like to write a magazine (290,000 followers).

From there, things got a little complicated.

0.006 cents for 43,000 searches…

Even if the costs were cut to $0.006 per query, the exponential growth was dangerous, which could end up with a heavy bill for someone who made this bot for fun without even monetizing it. “Especially in the context of the mission, I would like closure, thank you, etc. I need to make people understand that this is worth it.”

Then figure david bonillaCEO and founder Manfred. Jordi wrote to him to propose that he accept his company over the expenses in exchange for placing a thank you on and a link to his website. David liked it immediately. “It’s just that I couldn’t sleep when the bot was growing so much. What if when I woke up I spent a lot of money because it exploded more? I don’t want to make this money? But I don’t want to lose too much either.

On Sunday Jordi had spent about 250 coins. Very close. That was accumulated from their assessment, when OpenAI was not working against real time due to a bug. So much more.

However, it was not only Manfred’s appearance that comforted him, but the gifts he made to him as a form of support for things. “First of all I want to say thanks to the fifty people who donated between one and twenty coins, making me almost recover the costs of the first days” And of course, Manfred too.

“The game ends here”

Perhaps someone, seeing the animation that has been started, thinks about the options to monetize more, or to replicate it in social networks or in another environment to direct the idea to a business model. It’s not Jordi’s idea.

“The game ends here. It really started because at the beginning of the year I saw a tool that, based on your tweets, told you what the senate of your new year could be. Suppose when GPT was done, I wanted to see how easy it is for a person to use GPT and them in real time I’m settled, and I have my job and I’m happy with it, I’d like to grow this much if I saw a clear opportunity that I couldn’t refuse.”

The Best Thing That Happens Is Called Nvidia Chatgpt And There Are 30,000 Accounts

“This is what brings us a whole new realm, as mobile technologies once did. Fifteen years ago we developed through the web, and suddenly iOS and Android arrived and we had a lot of new development possibilities. With this technology it has something like this to happen again, it allows us to do which until now was unthinkable”, says Jordius.

As for privacy in the use of this instrument, the author does not explain a little. “No data used for anything other than what the text says: get a short description of your Twitter profile made by AI.” Moreover, Twitter uses an API that requests full access, using a password to the user’s profile, only reads the public profile.

In Jordia’s case, her experiment, apart from the unexpected result, will remain here. The APIs that allowed it to be created will also continue to be available to anyone.

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