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I don’t know whether I should choose the cross trainer or the stationary bike to lose weight. How are they different and which one burns more calories?

Although training with both is a good cardiovascular exercise, there is one of these fitness machines that allows us to burn more calories

A little over a year ago I started exercising regularly. My goal was not to create a physical transformation, but rather to mitigate the effects of sitting telecommuting for days on end. I wanted to improve my health, keep my core active to avoid back pain, and feel more flexible.

Just like with Christine, when I started proper training, the aesthetic changes came on their own, I lost more than 10 kilos and lost a few sizes. But the most important thing is that I felt better, was less tired and felt more active. Part of the blame was strength training, what we know as cardio.

One of the cardio exercises I do is exercise walking, made famous by Rajoy and which science has shown has many more benefits than it seems. When I’m in the gym, I choose between the stationary bike or the cross trainer. But what is better? We analyze with the help of the sports experts from Vitónica the differences between the stationary bike and the cross trainer and which one burns more calories.

The advantages of the cross trainer

The elliptical trainer is the device that is halfway between walking and running and whose biggest advantage is the very low load on the joints. Because it does not create impact with the ground, it protects the knees and ankles but mimics the movement we perform when running. For experts, it is a good cardiovascular workout that allows you to “Train your cardio at an intensity slightly lower than that of the race but with greater certainty.”

And even if it seems like it’s just pedaling and that’s all, the truth is that the cross trainer allows you to do a variety of different workouts where we combine footwork with arm work.

To work properly with the elliptical trainer, Vitónica gives us some tips: warm up before starting training, start slowly and increase the intensity, maintain the correct posture throughout the training and activate the core to improve posture.

The advantages of the exercise bike

With the exercise bike we train the entire lower body and some of the arms, which help us with stabilization (not as much as on the cross trainer, where there is more movement). When we maintain good posture, we also train the core muscles.

According to Vitónica experts “It produces good aerobic work, but in addition to being boring, it can be dangerous if we do not adapt the device well to our body. to create harmless movement.” To do this, it is important to know how to correctly adjust the handlebars and saddle.

How many calories are burned with the cross trainer and the exercise bike?

Although in both cases the amount of calories burned depends on our weight, the intensity of the exercise, the pace and even our heart rate, there is an estimate of how much we burn with each of these factors.

With the cross trainer and as long as we change rhythm and intensity, we can burn 800 calories in 45 minutes although the average is between 450 and 800 calories per hour. With the exercise bike we burn between 400 and 750 calories again depending on the intensity of the training.

If you do an intense workout on a stationary bike while increasing the resistance of the pedals, you’ll obviously burn more than if you pedal on an elliptical trainer with barely any resistance, but in general, we burn the most calories on this machine on the elliptical trainers .

But like any other type of training, choosing one or the other always depends on the goals we pursue. When it comes to losing weight, it is important to understand that we need not only cardio but also strength training and that a calorie deficit occurs in our body.

In this case, Both devices are a good option when performed at the appropriate intensity. We can even combine them so that our body doesn’t get used to moving in the same way all the time.

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