I don’t want to pay my taxes this year

I don't want to pay my taxes this year

Since I became an adult, I have not had a family doctor, even though I have been on the waiting list for almost 4 years.

I know I’m not the only one. Many Quebecers are in the same situation as me.

I have to wait to find a place in walk-in clinics or turn to the private sector, which is very expensive.

I don’t feel like following through enough. For example, there are several routine tests that I put off for a long time due to a lack of regular follow-up.

However, people without a family doctor in Quebec pay more taxes than others.

All taxpayers should have access to the same health network services.

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Every year, I proudly pay my taxes, to contribute to society.

But last week, when I had to see a doctor, I realized that I was paying for services that I didn’t get.

As a joke, I said the following words to my friends: “I’m the only one in our gang who doesn’t have a family doctor, I have to reduce my taxes!” and to my great surprise, my friends didn’t think it was crazy…

Compensation for lack of services

The idea is not that taxpayers pay their taxes in proportion to the government services they use.

For example, I consider it normal that even a person without a car pays for road maintenance and all.

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But with regard to the availability of family doctors for the population, I believe that the inequality is more apparent than to give tax cuts to those who do not have access to this service.