I Fell in Love with Her

pancha merino

Surprise occurred in the network pancha merino Recently she revealed her unknown love story with a showbiz man who broke her heart by coming out of the closet after some time of dating.

panelists of As it is In the program he talked about love relationships Jordi Castell this Raquel Argandona Where she detailed that special moment that the actress experienced in her youth.

as he confessed pancha merino Had fallen in love with a heartthrob who is openly gay today.

Pancha Merino confesses her romance with a popular gay showbiz star

“I was a girl. I was 23 years old and the truth is that it was very simple. I always prefer pololi with very authoritarian men. Like ‘don’t wear such clothes, do this’ and With this person we were like two friends The actress said.

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“We were like friends, sublime sexuality, It wasn’t like we were just friends, but I didn’t feel like she was an alpha male thing (…) Naughty. It was incredibly friendly to me and I fell in love like this, deeply” He confessed pancha merino Whereas Jordi Castell He asked him not to reveal the name of that brave man.

“He didn’t tell me because even at that time he was not clear about it. he never told me (…) He has always been a very young man and Later we became very good friends“, he reflected the moment Heartbeat came out of the closet.

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,I also fell in love with her. It was very difficult for me to leave her because I went through a lot,” he said, revealing that he had to go on a journey to be able to forget her. ,I didn’t know I was gay, but friends told me, “I was so madly in love,” he said. pancha merino,

He introduced her to Jordi Castell who also fell at her feet.

after recovering from an affair pre adrenalina Turns out he introduced it Jordi Castell Whom he also dated for a long time.

,I introduced them, I said to him: You know what? I need someone for you.’ I introduced her to Jordi and from there they went on for a long time.“, assured the actress about the mysterious heartthrob.

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,almost two years have passed, a long time. Then we will meet again and we played for three and a half years” He added Jordi Castell About the unknown showman who stole her heart.


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