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I hire Generation Z youth: Many rely heavily on email and demand a salary that doesn’t suit them

This article is based on a conversation with the CEO of a recruitment firm lbf strategies, Lisa B. Frank. His statements have been edited to provide greater clarity and understanding to the reader.

I am hiring professionals in the fields of communications, public relations and marketing since 2006and I have my own recruitment company for more than 10 years. I also provide employment guidance services in which I advise people in their job search.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve begun to see how Gen Z workers have entered the workplace. now, it’s happening Toughest job market I’ve ever worked inEven more difficult was the time of the 2008 economic crisis.

The job market is flooded with candidates in early 2022, but at the moment there is a lot of uncertainty about how the recession will affect them. So far we have seen that it affects especially in the technology sectorBut other sectors are also rethinking their hiring.

Wages are expected to decline slightly in some sectors after rising inflation at the start of the year, and this is more likely to affect Gen Z workers, who have Work experience not more than 4 years And that they are the professionals who earn the least today.

Generation Z faces their lack of experience in the labor market

The main problem for Gen Z youth is not that they ask for too much or too little, but that they demand They don’t know how to ask or whom to ask for what they want, These youths only have to familiarize themselves with what their roommates or their parents tell them, as many have completed their studies while incarcerated.

What I see again and again is that there is a gap in professional socialization of young people and sometimes a lack of maturity. They are not developed in an office environment, with the boss saying “meet this client” or “come to this meeting”. Nor have they seen people more experienced in handling a crisis situation.

For those who want to find a job, the only advice I have is to seek and find a mentor, someone who can help them identify their outstanding qualities and refine their work culture a bit.

There is also a lack of information on how to ask for a pay raise

Often when clients of my recruiting firm ask for a certain amount, I ask them how they got there and they say His father recommended that he ask for the money Or that an influential person advises to ask for it. For example, a content creator on TikTok teaches young people to always ask for more than $100,000 (about 94,000 euros) per year.

When someone applying for a vacancy asks for a salary higher than their income, it is usually because You are not clear how much you should order, Also, on some occasions (especially with people living in expensive cities), They base that number on their spending.But that salary may not be commensurate with the field in which they are seeking employment.

I like to view pre-hire negotiations as an opportunity to ask yourself, “What’s the best way to get more power?”

I’m a senior recruiter from Silicon Valley and I know that the best candidates don’t mention data when negotiating their salaries: What they do instead

Your job should be more than just a salary and young people should ask themselves first if the organization fits their values, are they looking to telecommute or have a hybrid model or if that job is for them later Can serve as a springboard to a better position. ,

I recently dealt with a client who was fine with the salary we managed, but then the company made her an offer in that salary range and she was very upset when she responded. I’ve barely been on the job for 3 years,

I don’t want to sound pessimistic: I wholeheartedly believe that workers should be paid fairly. However, even with equal pay conditions, there will be a mismatch between the pay you receive between your experience and skill level, making it even more difficult for you to advance because your skills never develop.

When preparing someone for a conversation, I recommend that they make it clear that they are excited about the opportunity being offered and that they offer some leeway for working conditions.

If money is the factor that matters most to you in whether or not to accept the offer, what is the amount you are looking for or need? Be direct with the amount and consult specific publications or professional associations to find out the range in which your field moves.

pay gap up to 5,000 euros should not be a reason for discussion, “I would like to be as close to 100,000 euros as possible” or “If we can reach 120,000, I am willing to resign from my current position today” are 2 ways to express this.

If you are looking for a specific position, you can ask: “Will it be possible to review in the next 3-6 months with the possibility of promotion?”

How much salary should you ask for in a job interview? This should be kept in mind while negotiating your salary

How To Negotiate A Better Salary

To set a specific start date you can say: “I see you listed a start date in 3 weeks, but I already had a week off planned for the next month. Do you want me to join early and take those days off next month?”

Many nuances get lost through email. If you’re really excited about a role, you’ll want to do everything you can to get your enthusiasm heard by the HR manager over the phone or video call. A formal communication should always reflect what was agreed upon during these conversations. Make sure you see everything in writing before signing.

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