Streamer plans to leave South Korea after TWITCH announces closure of operations in country


Live streaming on Twitch has become a regular job for thousands of content creators, even though many people believe otherwise. And in addition to the fact that their daily streams require time and sometimes a lot of effort, they generate a good income. Something that many streamers in South Korea will lose after Twitch closes its operations in that country in 2024, causing many Korean creators to think about changing platforms or even migration.

Streamer Plans To Leave South Korea After Twitch Announces Closure Of Operations In Country

An example of this is the Korean streamer with the nickname Yummy_2, who has been offering English content since 2020 on Twitch, mainly within the “Just Chatting” category. And like many other Korean streamers, Yummy_2 was surprised on December 5, 2023, to learn that Twitch will close its operations in South Korea on February 27, 2024. A decision that will suddenly cut off an important source of income or, in some cases, the first.

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According to what he said in a stream on December 6, the two options we are developing are being considered: changing platforms or leaving the country. But the biggest fear of moving to another site to stream is that he is not sure if his fans will follow him if he streams on another platform, like YouTube. And alternatively, Yummy_2 can continue streaming on Twitch from another country. However, as the streamer explained, he had to create a new account and work again to get Twitch partner status.

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Streamer Plans To Leave South Korea After Twitch Announces Closure Of Operations In Country

Something he said with great sadness and with tears in his eyes survived in a Twitch clip that went viral, which at the time of writing this note had more than 160 thousand views.

Twitch left South Korea due to high costs

In an official blog post, Twitch indicated that it will close down in South Korea due to the high costs of its operations in the country. In this publication, it is also mentioned that an attempt has been made to reduce the cost of operation by limiting the quality of the streams to 720p.

Streamer Plans To Leave South Korea After Twitch Announces Closure Of Operations In Country

In addition, he assured that recordings of streams (VOD) have become inaccessible to Korean users. However, it is claimed that the cost of operating Twitch in Korea is 10 times higher than in other countries. Korean streamers are now faced with a difficult decision.

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