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I think putting blood sausage in the dubbing is an aberration: Will Smith’s time to celebrate Bettis’ rise shouldn’t come back

It is inevitable to remember with a certain nostalgia the time when Salem, Sabrina’s cat, went to Calderón to see Atleti and Will Smith cheers Bettis as he reaches first, The magic of creative translation turned series like ‘Family Things’ or ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’ into antenna 3 after dinner milestones, products that no one expected would last over time and yet, They remain as evidence of a wild time in which translators were as creative as scriptwriters. One would think that era is over, but the truth is that there are always people who want to revive it anyway.

biography of tamara

Many of us still remember with chills that in ‘Futurama’ they did not believe that the Spanish public would know ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’ and it was replaced by ‘Biography of Tamara’ Or the moment when Lrrr and Ndnd went to their home country to watch a program that Bertin Osborne did (instead of Jay Leno). This desperate attempt to Spanishize a series has been applauded by some, but, in the current pursuit of the highest possible fidelity to the original material, discredited by others as well. Till today I could not say which of the two groups is the majority.

Recently, Crunchyroll decided to subtitle ‘Chainsaw Man’ and skip the original, in tribute to David Civera: “S-Stop him! He’s a wicked, dangerous liar!”, There were supporters of laughter, trolling and memes, sure (it couldn’t be any other way on the internet), but personally I felt that ‘Sabrina: Witch Things’-style tingle again: a re-appropriation of a work, not just an adaptation. it for language, but For their place names and traditions even when there is no valid excuse for it.

Fresh Prince Bel Air Header

The obsession that the Spellmans had with going to Gandia, Sabrina wanted to dress like Espido Friar or Salem, deciding that the taste of a foot Cabrales is already part of the collective imagination, but there they should be, No one wants the cops of “Brooklyn 9-9” talking about “Save Me” or Pantoja, as ridiculous as we find it, a Japanese anime shouldn’t be a national pop classic. Because, if not, where would we put the limit? Would it be okay with ‘Better Call Saul’ to include a reference to Logroño instead of Albuquerque? And that in ‘The White Lotus’ he talks about his last vacation on Isla Magica with an Andalusian accent? Why do we love that comedy is carnage, but find it unimaginable in a drama?

if enjoyed

In 1966, Woody Allen released ‘Lily the Tigress’, his first film as a director. Really It was a mix of two Japanese tapes from the ‘Kokusai Himitsu Keisatsu’ saga that were re-dubbed. by Alan himself. The result is neither very funny nor very shocking, but a perfect example of The author who redraws the work to make it suitable.

Kung Fu Saiyan

In Spain, the pioneers, 26 years before the New Yorker, were Miguel Mihura and Antonio de Lara, who Based on the unknown German biopic of Johann Strauss ‘Unsterbliche Melodien’, making it his own, in ‘Mustache for Two’. In 2020 it was Vaenga Monjas, Codromo Abandonado and Juan Cavestani who made a new edition. But these uses are, in fact, similar to the ‘Old World’ of ‘Muchachada Nui’, they have nothing to do with the atrocities in the movies Like ‘Kung Fu Saiyan’, ‘Ali Ji is the Loose’ or ‘The Adventures of Ford Fairlane’.

There are many voices in favor of these Hispanic dubbings, but we have to consider If they really “improved on the original version”, as they say in their defense, or laugh simply, lies in the shock of hearing a dubbing of ‘El Informal’ in a film like ‘Austin Powers in Gold Member,’ which added jokes courtesy of Florentino Fernandez that weren’t in the original. This is an issue on which the public is so divided that it is impossible to know whether, in general, We are for or against keeping the original version as far as possible.

a little please

There are moments for infamy in which celebrities take the opportunity to put their tags, like “A little bit please” in ‘El Espantatiburones’ or “Ahora vas y lo cascas” in ‘Shrek’: does the Spanishization of dubbing and subtitles matter or is it a momentary fad? Are translators more fun than the original screenwriters? Is it legal to change the meaning of one sentence just because another one is more shocking and, therefore, makes you laugh more? Is It Legit For ‘Sabrina’ To Return In Time, With The Rise Of The Original Version?

Ojo: I’m not talking about the times translators manage to find original outlets for their worksuch as the wonderful adaptation of the podcast ‘All Is Not OK in Oklahoma’ as ‘Little Joke in Oklahoma’ (‘Just Murders in the Building’), any song adapted from ‘The Simpsons’ or “Ricinillo” on “Pickles” for Rick” in ‘Rick and Morty’. It is rather an acquired hobby in which, rather than confining itself to a series or movie, it is being understood, We try to be funnier. Let’s see the meme as the price of success.

Several Reasons Why Dubbing Has Disappeared In Spain (Except Animation)

putting blood sausage in translation, or even making it entirely, It’s great fun in a parody video of Borja Pavón or in his day, in a parody video of ‘El Informal’, ‘Yellow Humour’, Rifftrax redublings or comments in the style of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’. You know what you’re going to see, you’re ready for it, As a viewer, you have tacitly accepted the distortion of the original version., But if what is offered is a cheap Spanishization that turns out to be a genuine adaptation, it is no longer valid, whether it is more or less funny.

In the ’90s, these dubs with blood sausage in the middle already sounded weird, but in 2022, unless the translator is more focused on entering meme culture directly That in doing their job (or in the distributor they want to attract attention in this way), they do not make any sense. In his time, Fernando Fernán-Gómez summed up my perspective on the subject very well, following Pablo Carbonell’s fiasco in ‘Caga que caya’: “You’re so funny, you’re so smart, tell your mom and give her two kisses”, So that. Neither Sivera, nor Sivero.

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