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I told you Yasmin (Esquivel), so you understand Claudia (Sheinbaum). spectacular pageant

“Everything in crime is a matter of form. The forms of tort are nothing more than the proteism of a single fact: the violation of the law.

Enrique Lopez Albujar

“It is a time for half-silence, for frozen mouths and murmurs, indirect words, notices in the corner. Five senses of time in one.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade

lost in court

What happened to Minister Yasmin Esquivel should not be forgotten, neither by politicians of any time nor by Mexican society as a whole.

i think so the anger of the populace against corrupt officials and representatives, and therefore against lawbreakers, which he capitalized on very well lopez obrador A few years back, still there. clearly among certain sections of the citizenry.

Esquivel’s Persistence to Create More Lies About Lies It has only made those people angry. And this sentiment was well understood by the ministers of SCJN. As far as yesterday’s voting is concerned, he took action in this matter.

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Earlier there were supporters of 4T who defended the questioned minister, arguing that the thrashing was done for being a woman and contesting elections presiding over the Supreme Court, This kind of confusion is not valid, let alone using the gender issue in this way. he singled out (no hit) for her plagiarism and cheating Fortunately, with the election of Norma Lucía Piña as head of the country’s Supreme Court, said “excuses” were betrayed. So much so, that most of the 11 ministers who make up the SCJN (as per the constitution) had no problem voting for a woman to become the first female president of the court.

zero stamina

But it is necessary to note something additional: although with the election of Minister Pina “Time for Women” Begins in the Judiciary -Which I am extremely happy about- the messages of ‘don’t corrupt them’, ‘don’t lie’ and ‘don’t break the law’ are especially reinforced by women who serve as officers. In other words, the decision of the Ministers can also be read as an indication No tolerance for transgression of authority, Let me summarize it this way: The new president of the court is called Norma, it’s accidental, but it’s also very symbolic.

It is then established that the anger—and to some extent annoyance and frustration—showed on social networks in the past (and those days were closed), is a sign that there is not a significant portion of the population that I can’t stand if Magna Carta is trampled With such disregard, and does not see it well that the Authority is the first to do so. it is called yasmin esquivel —in the case of the court—or Claudia Sheinbaum—in the case of the illegal and very advanced contest for the presidency of the republic in 2024—.


And when said illegality is reflected through billboards put up all over the country, the resulting spectacle is very obvious and potentially very damaging to those involved.

the truth, you will tell me, all caps —and even some that aren’t— Violation of law with anticipatory campaign acts, But this billboard, which features a democratically elected official and again being a woman, took audacity to another level.

Let’s recap a bit: In the recent past there was a clearly anticipated act of campaigning through billboards on a national scale. in each of them you can guess the silhouette of claudia sheinbaum And inside a picture of the city where the billboard with the already famous and illegal legend was located – I repeat, a preliminary operation is being carried out – #EsClaudia,

Tense atmosphere in Morena

Fury in the opposition like Morena (claim there was more meaningful), managed to will fall short, Namely, they were fired—or are about to be fired—for the wrong reasons: because they stirred troubled Morenista spirits and not because they broke the law. In other words: the decision was made to download the billboard avoid internal breakdown, Law and complaints from the opposition were minimal.

In the process, some representatives of the Morenistas shamelessly rewarded breaking the law Saying that he had paid for them. I believe that, regardless of who paid for them and has already agreed to download them, the norm violation was open and should be punished asap.

and that is, at least to memory, Everyone has violated the electoral law caps (particularly by Claudia Sheinbaum) on countless occasions. With 4T, the violation of electoral law is systematic.

The origins of the billboard campaign can be attributed to the capital’s head of government and its people as a way to make themselves known, to sympathizers who may wish to support him or his opponents in Murray. I say that in any case it does not matter. The origin in any sense is Murray and is from an uneven floor as a result of the fact that the norm has been violated on several occasions before.

Thus, the true scam or farce that reminds us of the Billboard campaign is We continue to generalize early campaign actions when They should not exist.

Presidency of the Court and Presidency of the Republic

That is why I allow myself to make an analogy here: beyond the obvious Plagiarism by Yasmin Esquivel has been used later to drop it in the presidential race of SCJN, it does not remove the plagiarism of the thesis itself. Such is the case in this case: The fact that the billboard was intended to strengthen or undermine Claudia Sheinbaum does not take away the repeated trampling of election law by the popular representative in Murray and many others.

The chicken or the egg?

I predict that the old hunting letter will be used even more: Claudia is beaten to lead in the polls Interior in Morena and being a woman. Neither of these arguments (assuming they were true) takes away that it existed on his part Violation of election rules, That is, what came first? Is Claudia leading the polls because of the many anticipated campaign rallies? Thanks to a president of a party and nation who is more consistent? Or is it the other way around?: She moves on and so they hit her. Has every violation of the law by him and his team over the past two years been done to undermine him and get him out of the way for INE? Didn’t Sheinbaum know that regulations were being ignored—even at CDMX—where billboard displays were approved? I think the answer is more for the former than the latter.

cover of indestructibility

Sheinbaum is part of that system, the fourth transformation at its highest level, and that makes him partially responsible for all of the actions described above. in automatic.

related to Visibleregardless of who financed them and for what purpose, they were illegal, It would be necessary to examine the fact and issue an opinion in this regard. Sheinbaum had an opportunity to clear himself of other acts of illegality he had committed in the past and did not do so. This should tell us a lot. He or his team are out to break the law. There is no more reading.

Or does it turn out that they also want to create a kind of cloak of instability for him as they have done with Andres Manuel? A “protective cloak” that absolves him of all blame? I warn you in advance that there will be no success in this endeavor. he is not amlo,

“I told you, Yasmin, to understand Claudia” or “When you see Yasmin shaving his beard, wet your beard” should sound the alarm in his ‘war room’.

Election law will not be violated now, If not to comply with the norm, then at least because it turns out that an increasing number of Mexicans are stopping by here.

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