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I Took a DNA Test and Turned Out I Share An Ancestry With Warren Buffett

On several occasions, I have seen videos of DNA tests that reveal a person’s origin, in terms of where in the world their ancestors came from, and the fact that it always caught my attention. I have sometimes even joked with friends about what it would be like to have these characteristics. Now that I’ve done it, I’m even more amazed.

Not only for results, but for all information about origin, nutrition or even sports. My DNA Gives Me Such Surprising Data As I Share A Lineage With Warren Buffett And Napoleon Or that my (superior) genetic variability protects me from frequent diseases. But let’s go in parts.

My test is from ADNTRO, a Spanish startup that sells kits for sampling in your home. There are several variants based on disease or price with pharmacogenetic information. Mine costs 99 Euros and analyzes information on pedigree and origin, nutrition, sport and longevity.

The package arrived quickly and it includes:

The kit itself is very simple, especially if you’ve never done a salivary antigen test, as it’s very similar.

Once you have taken the sample, as mentioned in the instructions, you need to scan a QR code and register on the web by creating an account. Afterward, all that remains is to send it in with the envelope that comes in the kit and wait for them to notify you by email that the results are ready.

This part takes a little longer because they have to analyze them in the lab.

Adn Test

When you receive the email, you log into the web with your password and that’s where the interesting part begins.

The first thing I looked at was in relation or origin. Here ADNTRO says that it infers your origin based on the sample. my genes are 92% iberian and a 8% Italian, In fact, I expected more variety. The results interpret this part chromosome by chromosome.

Within this, my “genetic similarity” coincides with the region of Málaga (where my entire family is from, at least that I’m aware of) 10% and less with Andalusia.


Warren Buffett and Napoleon’s Relatives

Here comes one of the most curious facts. The results find your haplogroup, which is basically a genetic population group of people who share a common ancestor.

Well, my lineage is H1cg, same as Napoleon Bonaparte, Warren Buffett, Nicolaus Copernicus, Victor Emmanuel of Italy, Louis XIII of France, Philip IV of Spain or Charles II of England. And somehow I am “related” to them.

I share 4% DNA with Neanderthals

70,000 years ago there were 2 types of hominids: Neanderthals and Denisovans. Well, I share 4% DNA with Neanderthals. It’s not something that really stood out to me, but it turns out that it’s less likely that you’ll have less hair.

This determines the shape of my hair, along with other factors, and makes it more difficult for me to straighten — in fact, it tends to be wavy.

And that brings me to some more fun facts: I’m less likely to sneeze when eating dark chocolate (I don’t remember doing it), and I’m less likely to spot and enjoy some floral scent, The truth is I don’t have a great sense of smell, but I never thought it was because of my DNA.

Lower European mix of population than average

Till now everything was about Vansh and from here on we are talking more about Vansh. Obviously, no one is descended from a single population because of migration. well, compared to my native (European) population, I have a 15.6% less European mix that solution

In contrast, I have more African admixture at 9.5% and East Asian at 5.8% (this fits a bit more with the traits I was commenting on).

With all of this in mind, they measured my heterozygosity, which is my genetic variability, depending on past admixtures.

Well, my score is 1,434, which is 0.28% above the European average. the data that firstseems insignificant determines that I am more protected because of my genetics incurable disease,

It is true that this part of the test is less useful than the nutrition and sport (which I am telling you here), but it has been the most curious for me. It should be clarified, yes, everything is an approximation as far as the ancestor is concerned, depending a bit on the algorithm used.

Other platforms offer search for relatives based on this type of test. From ADNTRO they do not have this service to protect the web privacy users, but it is possible to contact the company to delve into this aspect.

The startup is 4 years old and has been in the market for 2 years. In fact, it has been selected by Lanzadera, an accelerator promoted by Juan Rog, and is now working to grow into the corporate market.

Just a few months ago it was awarded as one of the top 10 genomic solutions providers in Europe in 2022 for its expertise in DNA studies and research focused on the distribution of consumer products.

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