I will wait for you in Venus | The film about love and friendship that will make you cry from beginning to end is now on Netflix | SPORTS

 I will wait for you in Venus |  The film about love and friendship that will make you cry from beginning to end is now on Netflix |  SPORTS

When a book is made into a movie, expectations are usually very high because it is expected that the film will be very similar to the story or the changes will be minimal. An example of this is “I will wait for you on Venus” (See You on Venus), a film based on the book of the same name by Victoria Vinuesa and already one of the most watched on Netflix. Remember that you have to watch the adaptation with tissues next to you because it will make you cry a lot.

And the feature film is not an ordinary love story, because it is about a young woman with a heart condition who lives in an orphanage and wants to find her real mother, so she He will organize a trip to Spain with his best friend. , unfortunately something. happen to prevent him from going; However, while preparing everything she meets a boy who turns out to be an ideal companion.

To find out if they found the real mother of the young woman and how the relationship between the two develops, which at first does not look very good, then you need to turn on the your television and put on Netflix so you can watch a feature film.

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When is “I’ll Wait for You on Venus” released on Netflix?

The film has been on the platform since November 17 and has caused such a sensation, thanks to the fact that it is an adaptation that is already one of the most watched on Netflix. Streaming offers three plans: basic for S/ 24.90 (plays content through phones, tablets, computers and televisions, but only individually), standard for S/ 34.90 (you can connect up to two device at the same time) . hours) and premium at S/ 44.90 (allows you to play on up to four devices simultaneously).

What is “I’ll Wait for You on Venus” about?

The feature film is about a young woman who, after turning 18, decides to travel to Spain to find her adoptive mother. However, something happens that prevents him from going with her. Just when he thought the adventure wouldn’t happen, he meets a teenage friend who is also his partner and convinces him to go with him without imagining everything that will happen on the way.

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How long is “I’ll Wait for You in Venus”?

The movie lasts for 1 hour and 35 minutes, and is worth watching because it offers you great moments of suspense, action, drama and romance. Also, have the tissues ready because there will be no shortage of tears.

Cast of “I’ll wait for you on Venus”

  • Virginia Gardner
  • Rob Estes
  • Alex Aiono
  • Claudia Ferranti
  • Isabel Serrano
  • Bernard Bullen
  • Alex Astort-Fabra
  • Albert Green

Trailer for “I’ll Wait for You in Venus”

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