ibex 35, stock market today live | Ibex 35 sinks 2.8% and loses 7,600 points: “Eurozone likely bearish”

Central banks are starting to raise rates and the stock markets are hurting. That’s the trend this week. session this friday no different and Extended fall in major European indices, Ibex 35 is crossing a new yearly low.

Absolutely, national selective The yield is at 2.81% and 7,557.54 points. is coming The session fell to an integer 7,510.4, the yearly low marked on March 7, though the day ended at 7,655.6.

negative trend worsens and The weekly decline of IBEX 35 reached 4.07%. If it ends like this, it will be Worst week for the index since February When the war in Ukraine started. The collapse was then 9.02%.

Select Spanish have closed in the red five out of the last six weeks. Only Monday ended slightly higher (+0.11%). The sessions for Tuesday (-1.5%), Wednesday (-0.01%) and Thursday (-1.24%) ended with losses.

Mid-season, only Siemens Gamesa, which adds 0.11%, spared the fall. The biggest losses occurred in Solaria (7.18%), Aciona Energia (5.28%) and Aciona (4.23%).

[Consulte aquí las claves operativas del Ibex 35, según el analista Eduardo Bolinches]

the main event of the day was PMI, Created by S&P Global and From which it can be inferred that the decline in trading activity in the euro area worsened in September.

Euro Block Composite PMI, Considered a good indicator of general economic health, it fell to 48.2 in the seventh month of the year, from 48.9 in August. ,recession in eurozone“, warned Chris Williamson, head of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“The third consecutive decline in the Eurozone PMI indicates that business activity is shrinking throughout the quarter. This confirms our view that The recession may have already begun, I. underline the experts ofof.

Figures in Germany and France have been mixed, while in Britain they have been worse than expected.

After the publication of these data, European stock markets fall, Frankfurt yields 2.47%; Paris, 2.16%; London, 2.13% and Milan, 3.16%. Euro Stokes 50 loses 2.54%.

[Los bancos españoles baten a los europeos en el mejor mes para el sector en bolsa desde febrero de 2021]

they do too After closing with the falls wall Street, The Dow Jones dropped 0.35%; The S&P 509, up 0.84% ​​and the Nasdaq, 1.37%.

Major stock indices have digested with a fall The aggression shown by some of the world’s major central banks.

federal Reserve United States of America (Fed) Interest rates were raised last Wednesday. It did so at 75 basis points for the third consecutive meeting. The overall increase is 3 percentage points since March.

The trend is normal. Thursday, bank of england raised the value of money by 50 basis points, While the Swiss National Bank Heart Eliminate eight years of negative interest rates.

Norway, Sweden and even the Philippines and Indonesia have raised value for money in recent times. In virtually all of their communications, central banks have pointed out that To continue raising rates in the future with the aim of preventing a rise in prices.

In this context heOS Link Securities analysts say “in the short term, Catalysts that can reverse a downtrend background that the European and US stock markets have adopted since mid-August, which may Drive the indices to retest their year lows,

However, nohey reject “punctual rallies in marketsHigh levels of overselling are a consequence of the fact that many securities and indices exist”.

euro It moves away from parity against the dollar and marks the new low of the past 20 years when it is exchanged at 0.975 ‘greenback’.

brent oil It declined 2.97% and is at $87.69 a barrel. Despite the upward momentum brought by Russia’s new military plans in Ukraine, a slowdown in global demand likely raw Analysts continue to control prices.

10-year Spanish bond interest increases to 3.22%, while the risk premium is reduced to 112.25 basis points.

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