IceStar acquired Megafin, a cold storage and logistics company from Antioquia

IceStar acquired Megafin, a cold storage and logistics company from Antioquia

Starting this month, Antioquia’s leading company in the cold food logistics sector, Megafin, became an asset of the Chilean company IceStar. With the transaction, the purchasing company consolidates its presence in Colombia by acquiring a plant for the storage and logistics of food in the cold chain of almost 600 thousand cubic meters.

The purchase of Megafin is part of a plan to expand throughout Latin America where the Chilean company expects to invest US$750 million over the next five years; In Colombia, they plan to invest US$100 million in this same period of time. In addition to continuing its investments in Chile, where some new ones have already been announced in the Port of Coronel, thus expanding its storage and distribution capacity.

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The first step in consolidating a cold chain across the continent was made in Colombia, considering that it is the fourth largest economy in Latin America. in addition to the continued growth of protein consumption, which, although it remains low in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, is expected to maintain a positive trend.

As for Megafin, the Chilean IceStar found its important characteristics that increased its interest until it was acquired, among them its 12-year history in the Antioquia region, its capacity of more than nine thousand pallet positions and its privileged location just 15 km from the center of Medellín.

Megafin is a unique company built with a lot of wisdom and hard work of its founders. It offers its clients complete logistics solutions for storage, freezing, co-packing, container loading for export and other services. We will strengthen what is there and invest in growing its operations in Antioquia in the short term,” said Francisco Moura, CEO of IceStar.

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About the Chilean company IceStar

The cold logistics company was founded in 1999 and since then it has established itself as one of the leaders in the Santiago region of Chile. Since 2022 it has been part of Patria Investments, one of the leaders in alternative asset management in Latin America. Since then, the company has embarked on a growth plan in which they have added two acquisitions to their portfolio and the construction of two new warehouses. .


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